Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Since being involved in body positivity I've come across some pretty ridiculous articles, statements, comments, etc. ( I mean besides the ones I get to hear on a day to day basis. ) Where people talk about HATING fat people and how disgusting it is to be fat. Which makes me sad for those people,  they are so pathetic and uneducated that they rather look around at other people and judge them based on their body size than go home read a book and educate themselves on the topic they HATE so much to at least realize why it is that they have this hate towards fat. Choosing to hate someone takes a lot of energy don’t you think? and to solely hate someone because they are overweight is pretty ridiculous not to mention it says a lot about a person I automatically don’t want to have anything to do with these people.

There are actually people who have said that they would rather have a physically disabled friend than a fat friend, or men who would rather date a recovering drug addict than a fat woman.

what the hell does that mean anyway? What does it matter if your friends are physically disabled, fat or recovering drug addicts? How about you just like someone because they are a good person, good friend, someone you just like being around because they are awesome?

Meghan from Project life size talks about it in this youtube video
which is what got me started on this topic anyway.

There are so many men and women who like big women, find them attractive but wouldn’t be caught dead with them because they are embarrassed of what their friends would say, or what some stranger they don’t care about in the first place would say about him or her dating a fat girl. First let me say, if you are a guy or girl who is into a fat girl and the reason you’re not with her is because your friends and strangers might pick on you, then why be friends with people like that at all? Why have SUCH a WEAK personally to the point of being manipulated out of happiness?
Now do you think that fat people would not be looked at as disgusting or hated on if we were portrayed differently in the media?

For example: In the movie Bridesmaids all of the girls are thin, pretty, girly, sexy except the one fat chick, she is the manly, disgusting, farting one who doesn't know how to be any of the things the pretty skinny girls are. What if one of the thin girls got that role instead? or what if the sexy female role in the transformers movies was a thick girl? or any leading love interest movie role for that matter. To make the thick girl the attractive woman and not the awkward weird one.

I’m not saying that all fat people should be seen as attractive from this point on, that’s not for me to decide. People have to decide for themselves what they find attractive and what not, I’m saying that hating someone because of their size is not a reason to hate someone.
Would fat people still be hated and seen as disgusting by shallow and pathetic people if the media decided to stop making fat women the ugly, embarrassing ones in movies, tv shows, etc? I think that most of the fat hating people don't even really know why they hate fat people besides the fact that they are unable to think for themselves and are told to do so by media.

I end this note with an awesome paragraph I ran across on tumblr:

quoteOh, but this is not a matter of “glorifying” obesity. Glorifying obesity would take multiple TV shows depicting fat folks riding unicorns and devouring warm pies whilst counting the bags of money they’ve gained from being fat. Indeed, if simply putting fat people on television was enough to “glorify” obesity, then The Biggest Loser should have done the trick years ago. It hasn’t, because The Biggest Loser is a show built on the humiliation and punishment (self-inflicted or otherwise) of fat people. When we say that putting fat people on television will “glorify” their bodies, what we really mean is that we are uncomfortable giving fat people any attention that is not overtly negative. Because fat people need to be told: don’t be fat. Being fat means you are not entitled to a normal life. Being fat means you are not entitled to love. Being fat means you are not entitled to humanity, much less dignity.
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Maddie said...

You're blog is so cool! Thank you for stopping by on mine :) Defiantly just followed!

Borjana said...

Prvo,ja mislim da bi se ti trebala baviti pisanjem!Drugo,nema se sta na ovo reci,savrseno opisano!Ne znam nikoga ko te je upoznao,a ko nije primjetio koliko si duhovita,sarmantna i nadasve velikog srca,ostalo je normalnom oku nevidljivo!

Thick Threads said...

OH hvala B! :) :-****

Kimaloo said...

Amen sista!

GiddyUpGirlz said...

I feel this post. I'm the fatty at the extended family table. Most of which talk about fat people like I'm not sitting there. For example my sister in law was talking about how in France they all go topless at the beach at least and this huge woman was topless but had nice tata's then she concludes "but she was fat"!--my other sister in law is Barbie recarnate(good for her) with fake boobs and all and she doesn't eat but instead drinks her dinner until she's smashed because she doesn't want to gain weight. I've been both ends of the spectrum thin, and heavy. I wonder why if I'm the apparent elephant in the room why I am so easy ignored. I've noticed since becoming plus size nobody really talks to me, asks my opinion or even includes me. I guess my weight reduced my brain capacity? who knows! But I understand and will never treat someone badly becaues of their weight. I still struggle with my own.

Anonymous said...

couldn't agree more, well said Anika!

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Hear, hear! I couldn't agree more. And as for movies like 'Bridesmaids'... ugh, I can't STAND stereotypes or when bigger girls are portrayed as the weakest characters, it's so ridiculous! I'd love to see a movie where the leading lady was not only larger, but confident, popular and happy, too.

wait until the sunset said...

iiii know!! why do they do that!!! Just cos I'm fat dosen't mean I don't care about myself or my appearance! It's so frustrating! I'd love to see that movie Corrine with the happy, confident sexy plus size woman! What a difference that would make to girls all over the world.

Honeysuck_elle said...

This subject makes me so angry and sad, I really cannot understand shallow people and cannot understand why someone would "hate" someone for being overweight or larger.

I never judge someone on what they are just who they are, if their a good person and etc. The blatant discrimination against "overweight" or bigger people is really vile, and it is discrimination.

Beauty comes in all sizes!

Rock 'n Style said...

Good job, I really love how you stick up for yourself! As long as you are happy and healthy, I believe it's no one's business!

As you might know (or not), I haven’t been blogging for a while due the holidays and some other things I had going on, but to thank you for sticking up with me and for taking the time to comment on my post and for stopping by in general, I really appreciate it!

I'd love to hear from you again!


Rock 'n Style

Michelle's Style File said...

Great post- there sure are some loony tunes out there.