Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Autumn love!

I absolutely love the autumn season.  The colorful leaves, the fresh breeze, not having to pack up real tight to go out because of the fear of freezing.  However,  this autumn, i deffinitely have a favorite clothing item of the season....possibly even ALL TIME favorite clothing item.  This Green military style duffle jacket from "next" (www.next.co.uk) blew me away at first sight,  as soon as I saw it I knew it was "the one".  The individual matching possibilities are endless and the color is beautiful, it also comes with a cute hood for the windy or rainy days.

over and out.

  • Green Military Duffle Jacket - www.next.co.uk
  • Black Jean mini skirt -cunda.de
  • Purple tights - Tesco
  • Black leg warmers - h&m.com
  • Black pleather converse boots
  • Self made ethno bag

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