Sunday, July 3, 2011

News, Updates and the likes

Hey guys.  I feel like I should appologize for my absence.  It's been a hectic start off into the summer and I just didn't have the time to sit down and write a new post.  Thanks to everyone for the sweet Kudos on my new segment "The fabulous street styler" I'm super happy to know that you all like the idea as much as I do, I hope I keep running into nice enough people who will help me keep this going.

Anyway I thought I could post up some things that I was reading and contemplating about the past few weeks/days and see what you guys think of it all.

First I would like to show this store Ruche I came across, does anyone have any details about the fit of their clothes and if their sizes are true? I love these items:

Also, SLiNK Mag. one of my NEW favorite Plus size magazines has their 2nd. Issue out already!!! They have amazing style tips including beauty, hair and nails along side interrior design advice and much more AND they are totally giving away a -20% coupon at One Stop Plus which is very cool! You can read the full issue on their website, which you should deffinitely do.

Also there is this article I found on Refinery29 about Body Positive blogs and if they are good or bad influence on young women?  I read through the article and my personal opinion is that it obviously does have a positive effect on girls, since this particular article talks about a girl who says that body positive blogs helped her during recovery from an eating disorders.  I do however agree that there shouldn't be any kind of talk about "ideal size, body shape or measurements" because it pretty much speaks against "body positivity" and I believe that in those cases where there is talk about "ideal body size, shape or measurements" women are forced to compare themselves to other bodies thus being unhappy with their own body. 

Body Positive blogs should be positive for all measurements, shapes and sizes and no body being better than the other, because aren't we all trying to reach out to women who feel less appealing because of their size?Our message to these women is that every body should be recognized as ideal. 

Check out the whole article here and let me know your thoughts on this.

Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend! Have a wonderful start into the week tomorrow.

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Tinu said...

First of all I love that last dress!amazing..
i'm checking out Slink right now...someone else had mentioned its probably worth looking at since you've mentioned it as well ;)

Have an amazing week.


Shewearscrazywell said...

That is all awesome!! Ruche is amazing! I've bought a couple things from them and they are very true to size. I loooooove them and think you'de look amazing in any of those items!!! I agree, as my body is getting more fit and healthy and changing in shape in size, I don't hate my old body. This is very important because I the focus is on how I am feeling. I looooove the strength I am gaining. My goal is to be super fit, if that comes with a smaller size that is okay, but I will not be a slave to the scale. After all, muscle weighs more than a number on the scale is just a number indeed! Thanks for your sweet support...I always love it when you come by and leave a sweet comment for me! Your truly a dear friend!! Hearts, Janna lynn


I love that last black dress with the white cascade ruffle...super cute! I will most def check out this new plus size magazine! Thanks for sharing! Kiah

Rock 'n Style said...

This post is great, love the inspiration I get from these dresses!

I always say this (and I really mean it), but I also want to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and for stopping by in general, I really appreciate it!

Keep up the good work and I hope to hear soon from you!


Rock 'n Style

Chic in Every City said...

I completely agree with you about the refinery29 article. Body Postive Blogs are a great way to combat the socially accepted notion that thin is perfection. Yet at the same time, we do have to keep in mind that saying one body type is better than another, regardless of the body type, is a negative - not a positive.

sacramento said...

Such an honour to be in your blogroll.
Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Seriously the last dress just made me a little bit poorer! Got to have it. Great Blog too!

Fashion Tales.... said...

I love floral prints & these above are amazing. :) Madison

SRS said...

LOVE the florals and the ruffles. thanks for posting! and i didn't know there were plus-size magazines! i definitely will think about subscribing... thanks! i'm following :)

sarah rose

Tanyabell said...

omg...i love the 5th dress! that floral print is so adorable!!!

TALI said...

Hi, you have been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award. Check out the rules and make your nominations! Congrats! xxx

Vanessa said...

That top tunic is wonderful! It would be so nice to slip into it during this hot muggy summer weather! I've never purchased through Ruche, so I can't help on sizes! let us know, though if you do!