Thursday, September 29, 2011

OH Marisota!

I've got a busy semester lined up at the university with absolutely no cute fall clothes in my wardrobe! What the deuce?! I know right? So naturally I was online searching for some gems and came across the plus size clothing from Marisota ! I Hadn't heard of them before and my eyes just kind of glued stuck to the stuff they have on there.  Have you guys heard about this page?  I'm thinking I need some of the things I found. Their sizing goes from 12 all the way up to 32 with really cute stuff to choose from, I really like that they had this sizing while offering cute cuts, prints and shapes.

I have been looking for a  fancy but cute tunic and cute cape because let's face it. Capes rule...they make me feel like a super hero and who doesn't like that?  Besides the fact that you can just bundle up in it during the cold days.

This stuff is thus far on my wishlist from Marisota

Let me know if you guys have a favorite item that you want to buy or already own from Marisota, I'd love to hear it since I'm thinking of shopping there.

Beat Cuff Tunic Dress

And for the usual College party/events I want this one!!

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The Notorious ZAG said...

I'm definitely feeling that cape most of all. I like that it's neutral and that instead of fringe, it has the rippled/scalloped edge that would look pretty over a dress for a not-so-cold evening out, or with denim and a cute top. Nice choices, and great find!

laura said...

hehehe. I am looking for a cape as well.. exactly for the same reason! I wanna feel like a chic superheroine :)
♥ laura

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Joy said...

Aweomse! It's such a shame America only has very few plus size fashion sites. We nee more like this one. Great post!

Borjana said...

Ma vidi ti to,ima i ja da zavirim!;)

Anonymous said...

woow nice wish list and a great find for a plus size shop, I love the first and last one on this list, thanx for posting got to check them out :))

Vanessa said...

der Cape ist ja süß und auch die orangene Tunika gefällt mir super gut.
Danke übrigens für deine schöne Bewerbung zur Blogvorstellung, richtig schön geschrieben :) Wünsch dir ein wunderschönes Wochenende!

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh that cute black tunic with the detailing is nice and I like the maxi too. I would like the cape in a beautiful bright colour!

Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

Love that tunic dress :)

Hannah said...

I have never heard of it! Perhaps because it's a UK brand. Oh well, doesn't hurt to look! I sometimes go to clothing sites not to shop, but to get styling ideas for my current clothes. haha It may be lame but I enjoy it.

I have a particular vest that always makes me feel like an undercover super hero, so I understand your need. I hope you find your cape soon! ;)

Honeysuckelle said...

I had never heard of Marisota either, I opened a tab as I type this to check it out. I love the sparkly tunic and capes, seriously, capes do rock. I have to admit, I've never rocked a cape, except for that one time when I went as Little Red Riding Hood.