Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shabby Apple Giveaway! -Closed


Yes! You read that right!

I am very glad about this one! Shabby Apple, a online boutique for womens dresses (for those who don't know) asked me to giveaway the "Hackney" Pencil dress to one of you lucky people. Which I am happy and honored to do. The color of this dress is so gorgeous, the cut is truly unique and classy, with a slight touch of vintage glamour, I absolutely love it!  I have to admit I wish I could participate in this giveaway.

The dress comes in sizes XXS - XL check their size chart to see what size you would need!

Here is what you need to do to enter the giveaway:
  • All Participants Must be followers of Thick Threads either on Facebook, Bloglovin or GFC
  • Go to the Shabby Apple website and tell me what you your favorite item on the site is leave me a comment with a link to the item and please leave your E-mail address so that I can contact you if you win :)
I'm sorry but this giveaway is only for US readers :(

Giveaway Ends on Tuesday, March 27 at Midnight.

Good Luck to you all! :)

Over and out,


Anonymous said...

Can we make an exception for me since I don't have Facebook????

My favorite dress on the website is the Admiral. It's sooooo cute :)

Mabel Time

Calli said...

Facebook: Calli W.
GFC: Calli
email: geminicalli@yahoo.com
Thier items are too cute! I also love these shoes (thinking blue!)

Katy said...

Thanks for the great giveaway! They have such pretty things!

I like you both on FB as Katy M. I also follow you on Bloglovin' as katygmorris.

My favorite dress at Shabby Apple is the Alice.

katygmorris at gmail dot com

olivia said...

i like you on bloglovin and like shabby on facebook-
i must say i love that caterpillar skirt ! its lovely!

latanya said...

I like shabby apple on fb
I follow you through bloglovin
I like the Fifth Ave dress. Here is the link- http://www.shabbyapple.com/p-386-fifth-ave.aspx

dlatany at gmail dot com

Honeysuckelle said...

Liked all around. I like the Manager Director dress. Link HERE. My email addy is illivonray@gmail.com.


michi said...

Leider kann ich ja nicht teilnehmen, aber ich wollte fragen, ob Du Erfahrung mit den Größen des Shops hast? Wie fallen diese denn aus? Weil sie immer dazu schreiben: THIS DRESS FITS GENEROUSLY. (We suggest you order one size smaller than you would from another retailer.)

Danke für die Info! :-)

Gina M Maddox said...

I like you both on FB -- Crave to Save

My favorite dress-http://www.shabbyapple.com/p-248-beauty-mark.aspx

gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Rock 'n Style said...

Nice Giveaway! Unfortunately, I don't live in the US :(

Also, I can’t say this enough – I want to thank you for your lovely comment (back) on my blog, that is so sweet of you! I appreciate it so much that you’ve stopped by and even took the time and effort to comment. You make my day every time you do this!

If you have any suggestions / comments for (or about) my blog, please let me know by sending me an e-mail, tweet or just comment in one of the commenting sections of a blog post. I’d love to interact more with my readers and you’d help me so much!


Rock 'n Style

Anonymous said...

I like Shabby Apple on Facebook, Follow you by GFC and my favorite is the Maize dress!

darkheart2011 said...

Nice blog posting. I'm just blogwalking and very interesting to stop here and read your post. I like this.

But, dont forget to give us your comment into my blog ya.

Thanks for share.

Krista said...

Well I don't have Facebook so sorry there but I did have a look at their web site and I am loving the Garden Isle dress...oh my the colors are so me and fabulous cut on that dress!

Hannah said...

I like Shabby Apple on Facebook

Hannah said...

I follow your Blog!

Hannah said...

I love the Alice Dress from the Mad Hatter collection! greatwhitedogs@yahoo.com

karla said...

what a nice website im for sure going back to get a dress soon this one is my favorite though!



Jessa Belle said...

Done & Done! This is my favorite! Do not even have to go look... I must have it as it will match my new hair color!

Love & Lollies... Jessa

Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

Cat said...

following you on GFC (as Cat) and Bloglovin'!

really liking the dress 'The Red Queen'

email sweepinpianista at gmail dot com

thanks :)

AbBaThA said...

Following Shabby Apple and Thick threads
I really enjoy the Trade Winds dress! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Anita your having some great giveaways on your site! Love following you :D This is my favorite dress I REALLY LOVE IT :D

xoxo Mia

Anonymous said...

Im following shabby apple on FB, I am following Thickthreads on FB and Bloglovin


Amylynn said...

I like you and Shabby Apple on FB~ Lynn Bee, I follow you on GFC~ Amy Lynn. I am so loving this dress!!! I also like the Hollywood Hills Dress! Thanks for the giveaway:)
amylynnsaves at yahoo dot com

Lynn said...

I like Shabby Apple and Thick Threads on Facebook!
and I LOVE this necklace!
lynnbulk83 at yahoo dot com
thanks for the giveaway Anita!!

Cindy said...

I follow you and Shabby Apple via Facebook. Unfortunately their website has crashed so I cannot leave the link, but my favorite item is The Red Queen dress. Many thanks to you both for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway. :)

Facebook: Cindy A.

Jesse said...

I like Shabby Apple on FB, I follow you on GFC and I really like this hoodie! http://www.shabbyapple.com/p-461-cobra-bhujangasana.aspx
jessebfit at yahoo dot com
jesse boelk

DeniseL said...

Like SA on fb (denise lebegue)
Follow you on GFC (dmarie824)
And I love the Baciami! dress (and everything else they have :)
Thanks for the giveaway!
dmarie824 at aol dot com

C&C said...

i follow you on bloglovin and shabby apple on FB

i like this dress

thanks for the giveaway !

C&C said...

my email is cupcakesandcrossbones33 at gmail :)