Thursday, May 10, 2012


As you already know I haven't been up to much the past few weeks. Just classes and some spontaneous coffee meetups with friends.  I did go see a few bands play last week, but I have no pictures of that outfit, just some of the band. So needless to say my outfits have been pretty casual.

These photos where taken at the top of the city library in Vienna.  Yes I do have a library card! and yes I was actually there to check something out :)

The view was gorgeous and the day was beautiful so we decided to take some pictures. 

I'm going on vacation in a few days, and I'm super stoked about it but instead of beeing outside in the nice weather shopping for my trip, I'm stuck at home with a stupid cold :( 

I Might get one more post in before I leave for about 6 days.

pants,top,bag:hm, sunglasses,jacket: dont remember, ring: 280 urban art, necklace: forever 21, converse

Hope your week is going good! 



Honeysuckelle said...

You look really cute, I love your light denim jacket and red sunglasses. What bands did you see? I wish I saw more shows but I have a really bad back and can't stand for long periods of time. I love where you shot the pictures too, the city looks beautiful.


Thick Threads said...

thanks so much! I saw set your goals, cancer bats, and everytime i die. I was only there for cancer bats though, they where awesome. Sorry about your back! thats really too bad, you gotta get that taken care of :)

Nique said...

Nice pics! The background is so pretty! Cute sunglasses.

Stay beautiful! *Smooches*

Misfits Vintage said...

Gorgeous - fab outfit and great location - and I LOOOOVE your ring! Hope you feel better soon so you enjoy your vacation. Big hugs! Sarah xxx

Marisa said...

LOVE your bag darling! Keep being your fabulous self.

- Marisa <3

Katrin said...

Casual but still pretty cuuuuute :D


Helo,my gorgeous friend. Beautiful,as ever

Danielle Rose said...

beautiful casual outfit youlook lovely as always xx

WhatKatieDid... said...

Love your shades :) x

Marissa D said...

love your outfit <3 we have the same bag :-D

Maxens M. Finch (ex: Pashupati) said...

What's the big white construction in the background of first picture? (sorry for my ignorance if it's something well-known :))
I really like the last picture, it reminds me of how models posed in old paintings. Get well soon!

Laura Go said...

I cannot believe I gave my denim jacket away! I need it back so I can rock this look like you did :) LOVE those sunnies.

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
the shop of worldly delights

Bad Taste Toast said...

Oooh wenn ich richtig gerechnet habe bist du jetzt schon im Urlaub? Ich hoffe du bist deine Erkältung rechtzeitig losgeworden und hast eine wunderschöne zeit, wo immer es dich auch hin verschlagen hat :)

Die Fotos sind so schön, ich mag deine haare immer total!

Liebste Grüße aus Düsseldorf!

weigh cool said...

amazing! hey i'm getting my blog rolling again.

Luna Tiger said...

Awesome style !

wait until the sunset said...

I love the denim jacket babe and the fringe bag rocks!

keva kommod said...

Glad I finally found another Austrian fatshion blog. Even more glad, that the featured girl, you, is a really cute and cool one. Lots of inspirations.
Und übrigens, ich hab die Shooting-Location sogar erkannt, gut gewählt! Liebe Grüße aus der südlichen Provinz *g*