Saturday, June 9, 2012

WARNING: Vacation Pics, very Picture heavy :)

Hey all of you lovely Human beings and robots, and aliens, and zombies, I apologize if I've left anyone out.

Here are my long awaited pictures from my vacation earlier in May.  We went to Hollands great city Amsterdam.  The city is beautiful, the flowers were gorgeous, the cheese was delicious, the people are kind and mostly in a much better mood than any Viennese, and the weather was insane! Rain, sunshine, wind and sun all at the same time, but it was pretty even though it was insanely windy!

 All in all we had an amazing time. It was so much fun getting to explore a new city I've always wanted to visit and finally got the chance to.

I won't blabber on much longer, here are some pictures for you to enjoy :)

This is hands down the best burger I've ever had! If you're in Amsterdam check out the Burgermeester you will thank me.

 The Vondelpark

The Palaca

Mmm Poffertjes at the "Pancake Bakery"

 It's the city of bikes so there where bikes everywhere, this picture actually doesn't make it any justice, but I liked it because there are bikes and a boathouse in the picture together which is seen everywhere in Amsterdam.

From the top of the city library 

Some cool street art.

 Somebody made this! Out of sand!

It was a fun time and I hope these photos can help you see a sliver of Amsterdam's beauty.

I'll be gone for another few days on the beach in Croatia so I'll be back with more great pictures! 

Thanks for taking the time to check these out, I know there are quite a lot but I wanted to show you as much as I could without being annoying! :D 

Over and out,


Cassykins said...

I love all the bikes! I can't ride one myself, but I like seeing them everywhere. The street art of the KFC dude with the Mickey Mouse hand made me laugh. I'm not sure what the pope outfit or goblet have to do with consumerism, but it was an amusing.

Consider Me Lovely said...

Looks like a lovely trip!! Amsterdam is on my list of places I want to visit.

Krista said...

What a generous look at a city I have always longed to see. I love the canals and the graffiti art. Those burger- drool worthy! Can't wait too Croatia!

northierthanthou said...

Love the street art!

A dress is for life said...

wow it looks great xx

Jolene said...

Beautiful pictures! If I wasn't so afraid to fly overseas I would love to see Europe one day.

Can't wait to see the pics of Croatia, my father in law is from there, from everything I've seen of it it looks like a very beautiful country.

Fashionthrougthravel said...

Great photos! Amsterdam is such an amazing city. I've been there a few times, including for Queen's Day last year and I always find new things that amaze me :)

Luna Tiger said...

Beautiful street art there !!!

Honeysuckelle said...

Ooohh, I love the pictures, I absolutely love when people share their vacation pictures. I really hope to visit Amsterdam some day, I've heard nothing but good things and it looks and sounds really lovely. Gah, I use the term "lovely" quite a lot. I love the paparazzi shot, I could barely tell that you were the one taking the picture, you look so cute - I love your red sunglasses and fitted trench.


Style4Curves said...

Niceeeeeeeeeee pics!!!!!!!!

Bonnie said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures. It looks like you had a nice time.
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Laura Go said...

OH MY GOSH! I totally drooled over those burger pics. yummmmm

♥ laura
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Anonymous said...

amsterdam finde ich auch total toll :)
liebe grüße von der, die dich mal in der arbeit angesprochen hat :)

liebe grüße


Borjana said...

Zelim u Amsterdaaaam!Zavidim;)

Natalie Mulford said...

Oh these photos are fabulous and make me want to travel so much! It's always been my dream to tour around the UK & Europe!

Lyosha said...

wow! super cool post! I'm happy I had a chance to have a glace into your vacation! thanks for sharing!
P.S. cool scarf!

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Sincerely Mally said...

Awesome vacation pics!!

Malan B said...
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Malan B said...

Love the art work! Looks like you had a ball in Amsterdam. Nice vacation post!

Thick Threads said...

Hey cool! hehe es hat mich sehr gefreut das du mich angesprochen hast! hat mein tag verbessert! :) ich arbeite aber nicht mehr dort :) vielen dank fürs weiter lesen und für dein kommentar! :)

wendy zhang said...

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The Canon Girl said...

My brother and his wife live in Amsterdam. It's a really cool city and gorgeous to stroll through on a nice sunny day. also FUCK I need a hamburger and poffertjes now :-( DAMN YOU and your tasty pictures!