Monday, August 18, 2014

Thigh Society - Fighting chub rub one pair of shorts at a time!

Hello All,

I am back to give you the scoop on an item I have been intensively testing for the last few weeks.

I am talking about these Thigh Society Shorts.

Now, I am not new to your anti-chafing products. I have tested anything and everything from baby powder, to deodorant, to the ever popular Glide Stick and the Monistat Anti-chafing cream, the list goes on. Some of them being helpful, but what they all had in common was that they work for a limited amount of time before having to reapply, and if you are like me and constantly on the go, you might find yourself annoyed with the oncomming blaze of fireworks coming from your thighs. Unfortunaltely, there is not always time for constant reapplication of products.

In this case I naturally need a phsysical "protecting wall" of sorts for my thighs. Which is really hard to find, considering the high summer temperatures and wanting to stay cool, comfortable and dry within it all.  Which is where Thigh Society comes in. They look like shapewear, or bike shorts, but they are absolutely not!

I was seriously taken aback with the comfort of the shorts when I tried them on, not expecting how light the fabric ist. My skin could breathe through the fabric like nothing I have ever felt before. It is really astonishing how breathable the fabric is, unlike the feeling of suffocation while wearing bike shorts. I didn't feel extra hot and perspired during my adventures in the wailing hot sun while wearing these shorts. They don't press down, or into your body and I think I even forgot I was wearing them at some point! They don't roll up or down and are just the best anti-chafing shorts I have ever worn!

The technology in the creation of the shorts is intended for the sole purpose of keeping you comfortable during high temperatures. The fabric soaks up any sweat you might have, then extracts it and keeps you dry throughout the day! That is, the whole entire day! They are wonderful for every occasion. I was testing the beige pair and it was pretty invisible under all of  my light dresses and skirts.

I highly recommend this product from Thigh Society! I can't praise them enough. They ship world wide so buy extra pairs for your friends and family members! These need to be a thing! No more sweating and feeling like you are about to pass out under your shapewear this summer!

I want to thank Thigh Society for letting me test their wonderful product, and I hope you will test it as well!

This was an unpaid review of the product, and my honest opinion.

Thank you for reading! Hope this was helpful to some of you.




Unknown said...

I need to try this!!! I use some cycle shorts from AA but it's not the perfect solution. Also I heart about bandettes but I don't know if its worth it!

Thanks for that!!! <3

Ileana said...

This looks great! I would love to try them ^^


Unknown said...

Sounds great! If it's really hot outside I have the chub rub problem too and this summer I was really tempted to order these Bandelette thingies. But these shorts seem to be even better!
(Note to self: wieso schreib ich eigentlich auf Englisch?! haha)

Da ich bald nach Australien fliege und dann wieder schwitzen werde wie blöd behalte ich mir die tollen Shorts mal im Hinterkopf, danke für das Review :)

Alina said...

dankeschön! ♥