Friday, November 12, 2010

The Skinny on Skinnies

Hi Gal Pals!

I thought for my first post I’d tackle the epic battle of us fatties fitting in skinnies. Most of us remember the birth of skinnies in the 80’s and were happy to see them go. Well, they are back in full force and now available in plus size. I must admit, when I first saw them pop up in my size I was skeptical. I immediately jumped into “Oh, with my chunky thighs and my watermelon calves – Skinny Jeans are the last thing I need” That was five years ago and I’ve succumbed to the skinny! I love them. They are perfect way to put a little edge in your outfit and move past the o’ so over-rated flare or bootcut jean. Going to the bar or going to the grocery store they are easy to dress up and down. Throw on some flats or a hot heel. Don’t be scared of the skinny!

-Dee Dee 


Mrs. Jarette said...

Very cute , im in love with skinny jeans I just brought 3 pair from forever 21 they have a plus size section that I adore ....

Thick Threads said...

YES!! skinny jeans are amazing!! i love them too and there is a forever 21 store opening here in vienna next month i am more than excited for it!