Monday, November 15, 2010

Dress Fetish!

I have been really into dresses This Fall/winter season.  It's really comfortable, plus they really show off all my curves in the right spots (most of the time) I just love rockin' them.  So while browsing Peacocks new collection I almost passed out from the awesome collection they got goin on.  You have no idea how hard it was to just pick these "few" dresses out as favorites.  Also, don't be shy to accessorize the crap out of your outfits!!  In alot of cases accessories make the outfit.

over and out.


Anonymous said...

AHHHHHH. I'm SO sad they dont ship here :'( send me some dresses Anita!!!!!!

Lol =)
Love you <3

Anita riot said...

Ah! i know! how terrible of them! I thought they do ship internationally because there is a store near by vienna. However on the website there is only a UK option for shipping....I did try to see if there was anyway at all possible for them to ship internationally by writing them an E-mail and asking about the possibilities, but their answer was still a "no" But keep your hope up. Browse the blog and check out some of the other stores I posted up, maybe you will find something you like elsewhere :)

love you! :)