Monday, November 22, 2010

La dee daa ...

So it was another freezing day and I figured I'd rather stand around in my apartment and take the pics before leaving, it beats the hell out of standing outside and freezing.

On another note.  This outfit is your typical fancy-ish casual look ya know.  It's really pretty, and you can wear it to alot of different occasions, be they semi-fancy, casual, office or whatever else occasion.  I also love the puffy shoulder look. It really distracts from wide hips and puts more attention on your body length. As for the accessories I totally LOVE them with this outfit, the owl is about the cutest thing I've seen.  Plus who doesn't love owls, they're great!  And the big old-school hip hop style earings are hip to the core :D Anyway,  It's fancy, it's casual, it's fun.  Ah luv eet!

over and out.

shirt, cardigan, pants, owl necklace, earings- H&M (
shoes: Rosa - local shoe store. Sorry no website for them :(
sunglasses: C&A (
purse: Pimkie -  (


Anonymous said...

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! everything looks so cute! I really love the cardigan and the accessories, you put that they are from H&M, are they still in stock or are they from an earlier collection? Love your posts!!!

Thick Threads said...

Hello! Thanks so much for the love :). Yes the clothes are all still in stock at H&M I'm not too sure about the necklace and earrings, they are from a recent collection, but they are no longer on the website, if you have an H&M store near where you live, you should deffinitely go check it out. :)

Desirae Andrews said...

I love the accessories!

Thick Threads said...

Thanks Desi! You can check out the US H&M homepage maybe they will have it in stock out there. heres the page

Anonymous said...

You look great!Super ogrlica,nausnice,cardigan...:-) Odlicno ti stoji crveni karmin,nosi ga cesce!I would wear this;-)

Thick Threads said...

Thank you!! :D