Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Things like this make me sick.

This is partially the reason why I made this blog.  This is the reason why "bigger sizes" are hard to find...This is not alright. Major Fashion Designers are on their way to making women an ENDANGERED SPECIES.

Now You have to know that europe does not have alot of big sizes to offer, not a lot that are decent enough to look at or at a decent price anyway, and the thrift stores...Wellll lets just say, those people threw those clothes out for a reason.  I always complain about not having a wide enough variety on clothing.  It is very true, and it is super hard finding cute clothes and making them fit.  I actually do sew some of my own things.  That's how bad it is.  I guess they figure, all the most beautiful models are mostly european, the majority of european girls are skinny so who cares about the rest?...Well It is not just a european problem.  It's a Global Problem.

Here is a glimps of how it works or rather doesn't work in Argentina:

 Meet Erin, a lean, hard working model who can't seem to be skinny enough for the bone-thirsty desingers.
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Filipa Hamilton had a similar problem.  Her employers even photoshopped her photo to show exactly what she couldn't keep up with on her contract....See for yourself... Make sure to read the full article in The Sunday Times

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