Saturday, December 11, 2010

Stay warm this winter!

I've picked out just a few things I like in the winter collection this year.  Since the Winter in Vienna is freezing cold, it's not so much the temperatures, I mean sure they're low, but there is this wind that hits you right in the face at like 90 MPH and it's FREEEZING cold, you feel your boogers turn into icesicles! I get a brainfreeze every time no joke.  So naturally I'm all about warm sweaters, gloves, hats, scarves and warm boots/booties because I travel with the subways and such, so I'm out in the "fresh" (*cough* *weeze*) city air for the most part. the collections below are from two websites. I haven't had time to really dig through all the sites but I've found alot of things that I like.

This Collection is from Asos Curve -

Oops! made a mistake on this collage, the black booties in the first row are actually from Evans NOT asos. My bad. :)

This Collectios is from Evans .
FYI: The Second sweater in the First row with the awesome red lightning bolt coming down is from the Beth Dittos collection and the short cardigan with little hearts on it is from Beth Dittos collection aswell :)

AAAAAAAAAAAAnnnnnnd.....Just for Poopz and giggles.  A robot Key chain! (It's a little pricy for a key chain or purse hanger, I just think it looks super awesome! :D) But if you're interested they sell it at

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