Thursday, January 20, 2011

Graphic Tee's Love

I am a huge fan of Graphic T-shirts.  I think they are important in everyday life.  I really do.  See when you are walking down the street and you see someone you find attractive and want to approach them, but then see that they have a graphic tee on that is SO obsurred that during your walk towards them you gotta think fast and just kind of pretend like you though they where someone else and run away quickly.  At this point, you are so thankful for that graphic T-shirt especially when you see another attractive person wearing a graphic T-shirt that you like.  They are a small part of our personalities, plus casual and entertaining.  Who doesn't love them?  Well I'm sure there are enough people who don't but I only hope to change their mind with this post :).  Anyway!  I have a LOAD of graphic tee's and I picked out just a few of my favorites to share with you guys hope you like them.  I appologize for the dark and blurry ones I took them with a cell phone camara...

So here we go:

I Love this one, it's a bad ass chubbster T-shirt
The Fast food.  I even have little burger earings to match :->  (Click picture to view full size )

Now this one is amazing because I love vintage and I love vintage glamour, and I love Vintage glamour actresses, back when hollywood actually had real glamour and style, but what I also love are zombies so you can imagine how awesome this T-shirt must be for someone like me in this case.

Introducing......ZOMBIE AT TIFFANYS

Some other things that I am quite fond of are Comics and superheroes, Specially women superheroes, my favorite is Wonderwoman because she is a strong and powerful woman and she fights for peace and justice, and brings criminals to tell the truth with her lasso of truth and blocks bullets with her cool bracelets.  I just doesn't get more awesome than that. Shes awesome.  'nuff said. Soooooooooooo here I have not one but TWO awesome wonderwoman T-shirts, 

The Chubby Wonderwoman (AMAZING!)

The Classic Wonderwoman:

This shirt is really cool,  I love the creativity on it, they even took the time to draw a clothes line where the tie-dye t-shirt is drying, it's a T-shirt inside a T-shirt...MIND BLOWING! XD its a really cute T-shirt I love wearing it.

The hippy camp:

1.Fast Food -
   earings - claires
2.Zombie at tiffanys -
3.Chubby wonderwoman - Fashion Club, clothing store in munich germany website..sorry
4. Wonderwoman - H&M
5. Hippy camp - bershka
So I hope I changed some minds about Graphic Tee's! 

Over and out, 



Anonymous said...

Hey!! absolutely love this post! A very fun collection of graphic t-shirts, the fast food and the cheeseburger earings are very creative :)
keep the posts comming, love reading up on them :))

Thick Threads said...

hey! Thanks alot I'm really glad you like it! :)

Hannah said...

I love graphic tee's. I secretly have a large collection of them.

Thanks girls so much for visiting my blog! Aww, I loved all the comments.
About my Barbie shoe earrings. They were an made up design that I created. I was actually thinking of doing a tutorial on them because I haven't seem them in a lot of places, so I think it would be helpful to others out there. If I do, I will totally pass the link on to you!
I think some people have similar items on It's worth a look.

Anonymous said...

Graphic Tees always catch my eye, too!

Thick Threads said...

Thanks for the info Hannah! you did a good job on those earrings, i'd love to learn how to make them! :D

katie- Glad you're a fellow graphic tee's gal :D

Mary Grein said...

LOVE these t shirts!! COOL blog!

Thick Threads said...

Thanks! I appreciate it!

BBM said...

what a great graphics tee collection! so awesome! love the wonder woman!

Thick Threads said...

Thanks so much! :D

Cat Ray said...

These are so cool. It is always hard for me to find graphic tees that fit me correctly.

Anonymous said...

graphic tees has always been one of my favorites, i do have plenty of them in my wardrobe. Still searching some good and new designs.
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