Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fabulous People Post: Number One Burlesque Performer of 2009!

Yes, this amazing performer was voted  the number one burlesque performer of 2009 by thousands of voters.  Dirty Martini is Thick and proud of it, she is a great Idol for curvy women. She graces the stage every time with her confidence and style while putting on an entertaining show.  In this interview with 21st century burlesque she talks about the early years of how she got into the business and how she feels about being on top of the burlesque game, along with stories of confidence advice and inspiration for all women!

 “Of course everyone has moments of self doubt and sadness. It is important to remember that we create our own reality – after soul searching I realized that I didn’t want my reality to be one of self hatred and I didn’t want that for any women anymore. Lets banish it! Forever!” 

-Dirty Martini

Check out the whole interview here

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Dirty Martini.


Anonymous said...

She is so sexy! what a body wow just wow! love it!


Thick Threads said...

yeah she is completely gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

Saw the post on her facebook page. I shes amazing!


Thick Threads said...

ya! best curves ever on that woman!
thanks for stopping by the blog aswell! :)


Miss Rosette Brune said...

thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a kind comment
so I could discover your blog
this is a great interview I am such a fan of hers
i have always felt too big (fat) in the dance scene, so people like her are a great inspiration
especially now that I am moving more into cabaret and also being more comfortable with myself in general
greetings from slovenia

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