Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Discoveries!


I've been busy moving to a new place the past few weeks and I haven't had the internet connected in the new place yet, unfortunately all my future posts are on my computer which has not been put together yet :D.  But in the mean time I thought I'd browse the net at Phils house to look for some stuff I could post on here.  I found some cool sites I didn't know about before.  Plus size clothing for a good price and actually very wearable merch! I picked a couple items I really like from each site :D
Have fun looking around :)
 my example:

my example:

oo la la ;)
my example:


Anonymous said...

oh cool! thanks for the links. i didnt really know about these sites either. I like what you picked from new look but i couldnt find it on the website...great post tho! :D


Thick Threads said...

hi! ya great links indeed! :) yeah i think they might be out of those items if they arent on the site anymore :(( but they have a buncha cute stuff on there now too :) glad i could help you out with the links tho!