Sunday, January 2, 2011

My New Year outfit!

HAPPY 2011 Ladies and Gents!

Hope you all celebrated it fantastically in your own fantastic way!

Before we start the FABULOUS ANNOUNCEMENT! posts of all of you Fabulous people.  I thought  I should post up my new year outfit since I made a whole big deal out of it and made a huge post with two different options for new years outfits......

I'd like for you to know that I did take my own idea of flashy and fun but, I also went for the classy look.  If you're not sure what I mean by all this.  Check back with the "New years outfit number 1 and 2 " posts.

I wore this really pretty Black sequin dress and some purple tights.  I wore black thigh high boots with the outfit.

I'm really sorry that the pictures are in such crappy quality, but I rushed out of the house after getting ready and only remembered to take pictures for the blog when I got to my boyfriends house...where the lighting is not very bright and we all only had cell phones to take the pictures with. We were all kind of drunk by this time as well :P .  I guess you can kind of tell what it was all like ...maybe?

Hope you all had a good time too!


Anonymous said...

so sweet!!!!

Anita riot said...

Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

I really like the idea of sequin dresses. I like yours

Thick Threads said...

thanks! yeah sequin is great for parties!