Sunday, January 9, 2011

Red, Black and Gold

One morning a few days ago I'm sitting in my Living room just having a lucious coffee with my sister Mia and we're talking about this and that and so on and so forth nothing inparticular.  I happened to remembered that I heard our door bell ring that morning so I asked who or what it was.  Mia calmly replied with "Oh I forgot, you recieved a package from Ulli (who lives in Berlin, Germany is Phil's mom, an amazing adult comic artist, and just a rad person all in all) " I was like "whaaat?! awesome!"  I was so stoked to see what it was.  Inside was a gorgeous gold leopard brooch and a pair of the most gorgeous olive green gloves (this is just a quick peek at the gloves but I have a great Idea for how I want the photos and the title for the gloves to be so stay tuned for that upcoimg post, its gona be sweet! :P)

Back to this post now :)  I couldn't believe it!  It was my Christmas gift, Ulli remembered that I mention liking her gloves which where similar to the ones she sent me,  I thought it was just so awesomely nice!

It was so funny because I was wearing something that the brooch would go really well with at the time.  Mia helped me snap these photos as soon as I opened the package...Needless to say the golden leopard is OFFICIALLY my Favorite accessorie!

these are the gloves! I love them!  The post card is Ulli Lust's own art, and the leopard brooch has alot of similarity with the Leopard on the post card which I thought was pretty neat! :)

Thank you Ulli for sending these beautiful gifts! :)

Over and out,



ulli said...

Its obvious, that leopard likes to crawl on you.

AnitaRiot said...


Anonymous said...

Hi! love the blog, love the leopard!

Anonymous said...

wow what a cool thing to gift someone, the leopard looks so cool! is it flexible? like the outfit all in all. cute gloves!


Thick Threads said...

Hi! thanks for checking out my blog! and thanks for the sweet compliments! :) the leopard brooche is a bit flexible which makes it even cooler :)


Honeysuck_elle said...

Wow, awesome outfit. Super flattering and love the use of the color orange.

Thick Threads said...

Hi! Thanks so much! The dress is acutally red! oh noes! it looks orange! thanks for mentioning it tho :D