Sunday, March 27, 2011

Can I Have it????

But....I want! It pains me to look at all these beauties.  I pet talk to them through the screen, whispering sweet nothings into their "souls".  Actually I don't, but, I do want them to be mine!

It's true what they say about students and college life.....We really are usually broke as shit.  Hence the fact why I hardly ever review big designer stuff, because Just looking at stuff like that makes me bankrupt! So anyway we (college students) usually spend our money on spur of the moment crap, sometimes it's good and useful crap, but other times it's more or less "why did I consume this item??....why..."  But what  can you do....It is the law of physics...or something like that..whatever..wrong blog.. :D

The point is I can't choose just one of these pairs and I can't buy them all...

I've been looking for a really sweet pair of creepers for a while now,  finding these on the torrid website felt like I just discovered the meaning of life!  They are what I've been looking for...Which is pretty much the explanation for the rest of the shoes as well. So you see my dilemma here?  Well I'm off to plan a heist on Torrid and Evans while you enjoy these beatuiful creations!

The following are available at Torrid

These are super amazing! I just wish the Pin-up girl was Plus sized ://

These are absolutely awesome! I would never be brave and awesome enough to wear them though. 
The reason why I love these so much is because I am sort of a sci-fi movie - video game nerd
and wearing these shoes would make me feel like a space cyborg babe with all its
shiny, silver strap gallore! :)

These shoes are available at Evans
They also have them in Grey and Black

Over and out,



Anonymous said...

DEFINITELY ADORE THE FIRST PAIR. i love them. no. i LOVE LOVE LOVE them! So horrible CUTE :D i think i might get them and wear them with a super mini dress manga style !!! HEHE. GREAT BLOG (and great blog name)

Your friendly Blogger,

From (my blog)>

Thick Threads said...

Hi! the first pair are what started this whole outburst! hehe and I think you would look just fantastic in them paired up with a super mini manga dress :) Thank you so much for the love Korlei! I really appreciate it :)


Anonymous said...

Girl! I most Deff see your dilemma! :D I am in love with most of these too! great post lol! how is the heist coming :P


Thick Threads said...

Hehe yah amalia! do you want to join in....i need a driver! hehe! thanks lady! I appreciated it :)


KellyAnn said...

love those pink and black creepers! adorable. the jaw droppers are the second to last ones - WOW FABULOUS! I think I would fall over the the second I took a step, but it would be totally worth it (cause I looked awesome upright for that 1 step!)

Anita riot said...

hahaha KellyAnn! I'm sure you would look fabulous falling too! you cant not look awesome. But i deffinitely know what you mean, i mostly just want to lay down in a fetus position and cry in heels like that because A. they hurt and B. I just cant get far enough in them, leave the house at 2pm and im at the drive way at 6pm hehe but alteast im moving...always gotta look at the bright side


Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) said...

I love the second and third choice from Torrid! So cute!