Saturday, April 2, 2011

Achievement Unlocked: Pouch Sewing Success!

I absolutely Love making things on my own and learning to sew new things.  I didn't sew anything new since christmas and ever since I moved into my new room I was itching to make something new on my sewing machine, mostly because it sucked seeing my machine just collecting dust in the corner.  My next mission was to sew a clutch but I just didn't find the time to do it.

Well Recently........

I was on the famous Vienese shopping street "Mariahilferstrasse" this week with my sister Mia and our Friend Borjana.  About a half hour into it we saw this adorable pouch in American Apparel. As soon as I saw the price I was turned off. I'm actually really not a fan of things that are made out of Leather or fur, although the clutch looks fantastic style wise!

Well Borjana thankfully had a great idea to go have a look at the fabric store for some faux leather fabric to sew it ourselves, needless to say it was a great Idea.  We found  many awesome colors from this really soft and pretty Faux leather fabric at Komolka a fabric store in vienna.  We split the cost of the fabric, bought two different colors of it and couldn't wait to get home to sew them.  We made 4 purses all together!  The outcome was a success as you can see.  Now we are all very proud owners of our own adorable and colorful pouches!  Thanks to our crafty skills of course  :D

 Kiki (Our dog) is wondering what I'm staring at

I wanted to show the bag and my rad Bistro set with cute pillows :)  Chill mode: ON.

I love the Popping contrast with the green bag and the pink balerinas.  Got the ballerinas at Tesco like last year or so...

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Anonymous said...

I love that bag! It's great that you made it for a fraction of the AA price. I'm also a fan of not using leather so finding faux in the fabric store and making your own, ethical verson is smart!

Hw did you learn to add a zipper? That's the main sewing issue I have right now. Until I embrace zipper technology it's buttons for me - ha!

Thick Threads said...

Hey! Thanks! It is really great that we got to sew these for a much smaller price, it was about 4 or 5 euros per bag. Glad youre for the Faux leather too, thats really great!

Well we had alot of trouble with this zipper because its smaller than the bag (which is the way we wanted it to look) But if you buy a zipper that is slightly longer than it should be, it is alot easer because you just start sewing at the begining and just push it on out to the end, it is tricky though, Takes practice but after the 2nd time it will be easy, just give it a try you'll see its really not that hard. But thank you so much for checking out my blog!


laura said...

Hi! I just stumbled on your blog. and that pouch is AWESOME! I love the color too :) and your hair!!!! I love love love!

hearts, laura♥
the blog of worldly delights

Anita riot said...

Hi Laura! Thats cool! im glad to know stumble works! hehe! thanks for the sweet comment! I really appreciate it! :D


ulli said...


Anonymous said...

Haha had a great time that day,gotta do it again;-)

cheeky curves said...

Love the colours

Thick Threads said...

Thank you so much ladies! :D
@Ulli- Thank you :D

@Borjana- Yeah we will deffinitely have to do it again! and next time we are going to make time to take some pictures in between :D If it is less hectic! :D

@Cheecky curves- yeah they're great! These colors pretty much picked us rather than us picking them :D


blouse said...

love that bag! great color choices!

and your hair! so cute! i have pink in mine, but it has faded to a burnt orange color! haha! i need to re-pink.

glad you found our blog! love yours too!


Thick Threads said...

Aw thanks so much! :D Yeah i love your guys shop too your D.I.Y clothes are just adorable! thanks for the sweet comment


Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) said...

OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT! It loooks amazing! So beautiful:) I wish it was mine:)

Thick Threads said...

thanksss!!! We worked hard on them! :D You can make your own just like we did! its worth it :)


LaCara said...

Ahhhh girrrrl I love the pouch that you made! It is fierce! I'm about to start sewing, and I have no idea how to do it, any tips? :D


Thick Threads said...

Thanks girl! :) thats awesome that you're gonna start sewing, it's really fun seeing what you created, I wonder how Frankenstein felt after his creation, probably not much different that you will when you sew your first creation :). My tip is patience! it takes a while, its not difficult to learn but you deffinitely need patience. Its an overwhelming feeling of "I just want to get it done asap" But that is just followed by mistakes and you have to go back and re-do it. So Patience is key! and deffinitely correct measurements, the rest ist a piece of pie :)

MMM pie!! now im hungry :P

thanks for the sweet comment!


Tanyabell said...

cute shoes!!! looooove pink :)))

Thick Threads said...

Thanks! I absolutely love pink aswell, its just too cool. :)