Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I recently read these articles on alternet and Big Fat Blog and I couldn't agree with them more.  I think we have all had about enough of the put downs from our friends, family or even strangers.  Even if it is just a brief comment about your appearance it needs to stop, because it is an unneccessary evil effect on the world. And that is NOT just directed at people who are overweight.  It is directed at anyone and everyone! More and more young women and men are sufferning from depression, anorexia, anxiety, etc!  Why would we want to go around judgin people about how they look when they can't actually do anything about what their bone structure is like, or their skin color, or their body build.  We are all how we are because that is the way it was meant to be!  Why go through so much pain, money and suffering just because of what someone else might think of your body image? It is sad that this has affected society to such an extreme level.  I say Loudly "RIOT DON'T DIET!" be part of the change!

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Vanessa said...

love that post :) although I have to admit that I'm trying to loose some weight right now. But I'm not really doing a strict diet, I'm just trying to eat healthy and do some sports, which I didn't do before. And no, I don't keep away from chocolate :D

Thick Threads said...

Hi! thanks for the comment. I'm deffinitely all for eating healthy aswell.


Catie Beatty said...

I completely agree! Diet is a four letter word and people should work on striking it from their vocabulary.

It's going to take so much work to undo the damage of the anti-fat and anti-calorie trends. One time I had to explain to the boys I nanny that calories are in everything and our body NEEDS calories. It's energy! Children should never be told that "This food is better because it has fewer calories." It's so much more complicated than that, and most children will get bored before you can completely explain it to them.

Thick Threads said...

It is really good to know that there are people out there who agree and who practice the change. It is really hard these days to even accept it for all of us because the diet and weightloss is so deep within us and our society. It really shouldnt be told to children, That is mostly when it all starts tho and that is the reason why it is so hard to shake off, because we grew up only hearing about calories and diets...so sad..But good job on trying to explain it to them..I hope they get what you where trying to tell them one day :)

KellyAnn said...

A-friggn-men sista!