Sunday, April 10, 2011

Green Skies in Paradise

We have this gorgeous forrest and national park right next door to us.  Beautiful trees and squirrels, Does, Bambies, birds, flowers etc.  Which I get to look out into every morning from my balcony.  I have only been there once so far and I have brough you proof! :)  Me and Phil went for a little walk through that beautiful nature and took some pics.  On another note:   ...... Got a super cute faux leather biker style jaket at H&M for -50%!!! I have always wanted a cool biker/rocker style pleather jacket but there are just soooooooo little in big sizes...well better go check if they have more left, they are selling like HOT CAKES!  I ALSO wanted to show off the green gloves Ulli sent me a few months back because I just LOVE them so much!

Oh! and I found this amazing new plus size Clothing store,  They are called "Domino Dollhouse" I fell in absolute love with the clothes there! I just barely ran across them even though I have been following the creators blog Chubble Bubble for a while now, because well, shes awesome. you'll see what I mean when you go check out her clothing store. They are actually having a sale right now.  Their clothes are just TO.DIE.FOR! So go and hurry while the sale lasts!

It's Magic! How did I do it? :P


 And so we came to the End of the road, and continued our voyage into the unknown.

Over and out,


Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) said...

aaaaaaaaaaaah I love this jacket so much!

Honeysuck_elle said...

Love the pictures, I had a day at the park today as well. Love your jacket, I found one - oddly enough lol over the weekend at Target. Oh, oh and those zebra rain boots.

Thick Threads said...

@ Rosy - ahhh!!! I hope you find one like it TOO!! appearantly they sell some like it at target, thanks for that info Honeysuck_elle :) I am so glad you found one at target. I guess they are maybe going around these days and I was kind of oblivious to it?

LaCara said...

You're so gorgeous! I adore your scarf! And I love Domino Dollhous, they're awesome!


Catie Beatty said...

I love the jacket! You are so pretty! I love your cheekbones :D

What a gorgeous park. You are so lucky to live so close! I live within walking distance of a very popular park and lake, and I completely take it for granted!

FatshionablyChubby said...

love the scarf soo pretty

Molto ❤ Fashion said...

Hey ARiot! You're so sweet! Thank you for all the lovely things you said- I'm so glad you enjoy my blog and that you like my style :)

You look beautiful in all these photos, especially in the second to last one. I love your blue liner- so cool!! xx

Thick Threads said...

@LaCara - Thank you so much girl!

@ Catie - Aww thanks! that is really so sweet! :) you should deffinitely take advantage of the park close by! and take alot of pics! :)

@ FatshionablyChubby - Thanks I appreciate it :)

@Molto - Thank you! that is really sweet! :D

KellyAnn said...

agreed! that jacket IS fabulous! the color of those gloves are brilliant too!!!

pretty pics. what a nice bit of scenery to have near your place.

Krekushka said...

Love your hair.

Thick Threads said...

thanks hun! :D