Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dinner Date

Went out for a Dinner date a few weeks ago with Phil.  I wore this black dress with the zippers on the sides of the arms and in the front.  I absolutely love the design of this dress.  The wide half sleeves, the zippers the waistband super sassy. It makes me feel really cool like I wanna rock out in it beth ditto style.  I actually wore this with my overknee boots but I couldn't find them anywhere while taking the pictures so I just took any shoes that where laying around. (I recently moved to a new place so a lot of stuff is still unpacked in boxes stashed in the basement and all over the place.) Later I finally found them but was running late and couldn't take a retake. Just by my luck the zipper on the boots broke the next day so they ended up in the trash anyway! :-// But the night was really fun we ate some good food,drank some delicious cocktails all in good conversation :).

Over and out,


Black Dress: Tesco


BBM said...

hmmm.... never heard of tesco before! thanks for the tip and you look magnificent babe!

Thick Threads said...

Thanks girl :) Oh yeah it's like a European wal-mart type of store just less corporate.... They have really nice stuff for plus sizes at a cheap price. Great for poor students like me :D

LaCara said...

You look amazing!! You are so beautiful! Hmmmm my tesco doesn't seem to have these fabulous finds...off to their online shop I go! :D


Thick Threads said...

Oh thank you so much girl!:) I bought this back in December so i think it might be out of stock, they might have something similar tho :)


Nique said...

The zipper detail on that dress is cool. Nice look!

Thick Threads said...

Thank you Nique! :)