Friday, February 11, 2011

Mental Health tips have a List of 40 tips for Mental health.  I guess you can call it a guide to a better, happier life.  Now I am not a person who agrees or is for psychological help, in the case of doping people up with drugs and telling them that it will be better that way. But Doctors who actually know what they are doing and who ACTUALLY give good advice seem to be right about some stuff like the tips on this website.  The two tips that confirmed that thought even more where Tip number 14. and Tip number 26. Check the Rest of the Tips out here.

 Psychological Health tip 14:
 Cut out the “fat talk.”
Conversations around weight, appearance and pressure to be thin, result in
increased body dissatisfaction. But it’s not that easy to avoid. Young women can
be afraid to avoid this topic for fear they will be seen as “stuck-up” or conceited by
the other women. But this norm of fat talk keeps us believing all women feel poorly
about their bodies. So speak out! Real friends don’t let their friends fat talk!

Psychological Health tip 26:
Learn and teach media-wise skills.
Children and adolescents spend more time with the media than they spend doing
any other leisure activity. While some research shows that TV watching has negative
effects on a child’s development, other research has demonstrated the opposite. You
can regulate many negative effects of TV viewing by engaging in the TV watching
with your children. You can use it for education and talking about the programmes,
commercials and the issues that arise. This way you can teach your children to be

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BBM said...

great insight, keep it coming cuz i need it! ;-)

Anita riot said...

Hey Thanks! yeah I think information like this is important to spread around, especially amongst fashion bloggers :D

cheeky curves said...

Great tips, positive thinking that the only way towards exceptance of who we are

Anita riot said...

Deffinitely. A positive self image is always best :)

Anonymous said...

Right on!