Monday, March 14, 2011

Fabulous Person: Tess Munster!

I am very excited and happy to introduce this months Fabulous Person Tess Munster.
I saw her in this interview from Plus modeling mag  Where she talks about tough beginnings, being the new face of the hit TV show "Heavy" and the life of a upcoming plus size model.  I saw her picture and was so infatuated with her style, she looked so amazing and had that confident look in her eyes that we all should have.  She was GORGEOUS!  I immediately thought I need to see more! I absolutely LOVE her style and with that thought I contacted her on facebook to ask about putting her up as a fabulous person post on the blog to which she replied with the nicest letter. So not only is she gorgeous, stylish, plus sized shes also super nice!  She's a great influence to have and a great role model for us plus sized women.  I hope we can all shine our confidence out like Tess does one day, without the fear of fat-talk.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! she is gorgeous! I've seen the poster for heavy, I didn't recognize her from the photo though! very gorgeous girl :)


Anonymous said...

Stunning! O.o

DD said...

She is beautiful for sure. Don't forget a great representation of never give up and follow your dreams!

- DD

Anonymous said...

Love her style !

Nina said...

thanks for the comments on my blog!! you are beautiful and i love ur style!!

kisses from Venezuela


Thick Threads said...

Hi! thank you for check out the blog. This particular post is not me though :) but she is gorgeous and does have a great style! im sure she will appreciate the commpliment :)


Tanyabell said...

cute girl!

Thick Threads said...

She really is! :)

Heather said...

she *is* gorgeous.. but why on earth would she be involved with "Heavy"? that show revels in body hate and fatphobia