Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lace and Bass!

Phil and I went to go see and support a friends band who where playing in a local bar this weekend.  I wore this outfit.

Funny thing about this outfit is, I got the shirt at the same place I got this grey lace shirt. Meaning that it is from the outlet store here in vienna, I got it for about 7 euros which is about 9  US dollars.  I fell inlove with it and was super happy to get it for such a good price because I LOVE lace! It's so sexy and chic.  So the other day I was browsing City chics website (who are having an amazing sale right now BTW! -60% on EVERYTHING! sale ends march 21st. at  midnight so hurry up and go get sum!) and they are selling the SAME EXACT SHIRT! for much more ofcourse...but with the sale going on right now it is at a reasonable price...Needless to say that is a win for me, I was very happy to find it for 7 euros.  So I rocked the shirt with some super tight skinny jeans. I love 'em because they make my buh-dunk-a-dunk look good.

I wore black pleather converse with this because I would HATE standing at a show in heels, it would minimize my rocking out and I would eventually want to cut my feet off from the pain of standing around and being pushed for hours while drinking. No siree bob! Not me. The show was pretty rad if I do say so myself. because the band is really very good.  They're called  "The Mob Fixing Freedom" Check them out, you'll like 'em.  Click on the Band name to have a listen.

Over and out,


Ulli Lust said...

super hot!!!

KellyAnn said...

yay - a new blog to follow :)
I love this top! I have shied away from the lace since it's resurgence, but the more I see it integrated successfully with another fabric, I'm all about it. I've seen a couple of dresses that I like in magazines, but they are from the Divided section at H&M. I can barely fit into the uk 12 so I'm afraid I'll be discouraged, but I should still go try.
I now have a renewed confidence seeing you rock this.
LOVE you hair!

Lore said...

OMG!!... that's a really good price for a very sexy t-shirts!!!.. very beautiful and you look very well!!, love your hair's color!! it's amazing!!, thanks for visit my blog!

Tana Rendón said...

Hi! thanks for visit my blog and leave comments!

It's a super cute shirt, and a gorgeus hair! love it!!!!


Matt said...

I love the outfit!! And the hair looks great! Sounds like you got some great deals!! And thank you so much all the wonderful comments you left on my blog today! :)

Vanessa said...

This lace top is amazing on you! I love the neckline it creates - almost a sweetheart style! So pretty!
Thanks for all of your really kind comments on my blog. I read and appreciated them all very much.

Nique said...

I am real digging that shirt. Great buy! And your hair is rockin' girl.

Sofia G. said...

Love it! I am following you now! Please follow me too!


Thick Threads said...

@ Ulli: Dankeschön :)

@ KellyAnn: Thank you so much! I'm glad im helping you re-think lace. i think it would look great on your figure! :)

@ Lore: thank you so much girl! that is very sweet! :)

@ Tana: thank you! i appreciate it :) and i liked your blog :)

@matt: Thanks so much for coming to check out my blog! I appreciate the compliments :) love your blog!

@vanessa: Yeah the neckline is sort of a sweetheart shape it is just hard to see on this picture but if you check out the picture they have on city chic you can deffinitely tell. :D thank you for coming to check out my blog too! :)

@ Nique: Thanks girl! that is very sweet of you :)

@ Sofia: Am following, great blog :)

Raindrops on Rosy said...

Hi! I was on YFF’s blog and I saw that you commented on something I did…I don’t know…random! I just wanted to check out your blog, I’m glad I did…I really love this shirt! I want something lace so bad its crazy!

Thick Threads said...

Hi! Oh wow cool! thanks for checking out my blog in that case! :) YFF just brings people together! :P hehe Thanks for the shirt love! They are actually selling the same shirt at city chic right now!! I have the link up in the post, city chic are having a sale and its at a pretty good price! go get it! :D


Mélanie said...

J’adore ton blog et ta vision de la mode!
Si tu aimes le vintage je te conseille ce site :
Il y a de superbes pièces et la boutique est très belle ;-)
Bonne continuation!

Thick Threads said...

Hi! Mercy! I appreciate it :) I checked out the shop, it has some neat stuff! thanks! :)


Moya2bean said...

Im pretty pissed im just running into ur blog, what the hell! new follower girlie!!!!!
ur look is sensational

Thick Threads said...

HI! thanks so much! thats sweet! LOve your blog too! :) and your curves :)