Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some News and updates.

There is a new hot and amazing plus size magazine out called "SLiNK" You can check out the new issue online on their website.  I literally read it from cover to cover.

Another cool thing.  The new H&M Summer Plus size collection is out! YAY!! I am loving it!

I also came across this thanks to LaCaras post about it over at Oh La La Curves. It's a plus size clothing brand called Mat Fashion from Germany.  So far I am in complete love with their collections! They have a few looks in their look books going on, check them out! :)

Over and Out,



LaCara said...

Wow, awesome news! Tara looks amazingggg!! Thank you for sharing and the mention Anita!! :D


Honeysuck_elle said...

Plus size magazine? Whoa, that is great!

Love that pink maxi dress too, so caliente.

MalanB™ said...

I am loving this! Going to check out SLiNK right now. I never heard of Mat Fashion but their work looks great

Shewearscrazywell said...

Yay!! :) This is suuuch good news :) Hearts, Janna Lynn

Jennyboo said...

Can't wait to go check it out! Totally loving this and that pink maxi is wonderful (and summer perfect :-)

Olesya said...

♥ wonderful blog ♥

come and see me;)

Olesya said...

Thank you for your comment)
glad you liked the photo with a tattoo:)

goes even as something to me;)