Friday, April 29, 2011

Old. Used. and Beautiful

This is my vintage outfit of the day. Everyone and their mom is wearing vintage outfits these days, which is totally fine with me.  It's beautiful and glamorous to look at. I have always really loved the vintage look and I still do.  Especially because I have always liked the cateye glasses and I am OH SO glad that they are available to buy in stores now! :) But I guess I just don't like to follow any certain trends and I didn't want to fall into that whole category.  As Hipster as that sentance just was, it's true nonetheless :) But I guess thats why we are all here to share our personal styles with everyone else and hope that you can give someone a new idea for fashion or that they will like it or even wear it themselves.  So here is my run at a Vintage outfit.  Hope you guys like it :)

shirt & glasses: H&M, Skirt C&A, shoes Tesco, wool mini jacket: Mango, green purse: flea market in berlin, white purse: New Yorker

Oh! Also I found a new Plus size Online Magazine in Austria! very cool to have one here.  It is fairly new and I'm excited to see what they report on in the future.  A plus size Magazine is really very needed in Austria so this is great! For all of my german speaking readers check them out here: Big Beauty

Also I joined this amazing Activist group here in Vienna called ARGE dicke weiber (mean/rad fat girls) it's a group of women working towards eliminating Fat-talk and the pressure to be thin, and also changing the Beauty Ideal if you are interested and want to come hang out and talk or just sit through a meeting feel free to come.

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Pretty Penny Mae said...

This is such a wonderful outfit. Oh, and those sunglasses are DIVINE!!!!

Jarette (juh-rette) said...

I thought it was a dress... very cute... i try to do a retro hairstle last wek im still trying to perfect it ...

Borjana said...

Love this vintage look,you nailed it;-)

Honeysuck_elle said...

OOh love this outfit. Love the red shoes, so cute.

Hannah said...

This is such a fantastic outfit! You are absolutely right about vintage, it's everywhere.

I was watching an old film (about 1951) and even when people were running out of the house to pick up milk or something small like that, they were always put together! Hair done up in curls, skirts, heels, the whole nine yards.
Nowadays all we see is dressed down people that could care less what they were wearing on certain occasions and outtings.
I'm so glad you see the value in dressing up and dressing vintage! :)

Thick Threads said...

@Pretty Penny Mae- Thanks so much! I appreicatie it! I have been looking for a pair like that for soo long! :) im glad you like them.

@Jarette-awesome! i love retro hair! I am not good at it all. Im sure you will perfect it in no time and we want pics when you do :)

@Borjana - Thanks lady! I appreciate it!! :)

@Honeysuck - Thanks so much for the comment love!

@ Hannah - oh my goodness i know what you mean. I always thought the same thing everytime i watched an episode of "i love lucy" vintage is great. But sometimes its ok to just run out of the house to get the mail in your jogging pants :) in this day in age it is hard to be done up and dressed up all the time, after all women have gotten pretty far from the 50s and thats a good thing. But the stays amazing :)

ulli lust said...

"Old. Used. and Beautiful"
when I read the title I thought: Oh! that's me!
but also you young chicken look fantastic on fotos in vintage look! (I like the style of the fotos, too!)

cleverlittlebuttons said...

What a great post! Absolutely Love it! Really cute!

Love C x

cheeky curves said...

Love how you have put the vintage look together

Thick Threads said...

@Ulli - you arent old! hehe but beautiful we are all a little used so that applies to everyone :) thank you for the nice comment. its appreicated

@clever little buttons - Thanks much hun! i appreciated it!

@cheeky - thank you! :) very sweet of you

Retro Bathing Suits said...

Love the vintage attire... Very fifties, yet with a modern edge. Not everyone could pull this off. Keep it up!