Monday, May 9, 2011

Ah....The Wish List....

Summer is just around the corner and I too have a wish list.

My list is made up of items i want from Forever 21+ .  I love the store but there was never a store close by.  Well....A first time ever Forever21 store opened in vienna this weekend and that is seriously exciting!!! I haven't been there yet because of busy livin' you all know how it is.  But oh boy, someone better hold me back once I am in...I heard their plus size section is HUGE AND AMAZING! OMG! I'm getting way too excited just talking about it right now so I will just go on to the pictures...

So I have been searching for the perfect Maxi dress, these are some of the ones that caught my eye, I really like them and that maxi skirt is just to die for! love it.

This is just some super cute stuff to go out and about in in the summer sun and feel pretty and breezy :D

 How cute are these accessories. It was SO hard to pick just a few I just browsed through and picked some I'm sure I missed so many cute things but this is the stuff that just sort of caught my eye.
Do I need to say more?...Thats what I thought :P Although I probably won't get the 2nd pair because there is a possibility I break every bone in my body walking in them, but a gal can dream ;)

I'm attending some weddings this summer and I'm looking for some great dresses, these are so amazing! Which ones to buy??????? 

So there you go, that is the cause of my bankrupcy in the upcoming months :D

Over and Out,
Anita Riot


LaCara said...

Errrm your wish list is hurting my heart! They are too many fab pieces that NEED to be in my closet....

I think we should kidnap a millionaire and make them pay for this wishlist ;D


cleverlittlebuttons said...

Great post and amazing outfits! love the maxi dresses! I'm living in my maxi's at the mo!

Love C x

Anonymous said...

oh wow i love the dresses! they are so amazing! i have to have them...and those blue shoes..i dont even want to go therer :P nice wish list :)


Anaïs Seyo said...

OMFG, I love your blog.
Thanks for your lovely notes.
Bisous bisous.

Honeysuck_elle said...

I just ordered some stuff from their plus size section too, I have a few things from their plus size line, pretty happy with it overall - although the sizing can be a little wonky.

Anonymous said...

I got my first maxi dress recently and love it!

Thick Threads said...

@LaCara - HAHAHA!! oh yes..bring on the millionaires :)

@clever-thank so much hun :) i hope to live in one soon too :)

@Anais- thanks girlie! i love yours aswell! :D

@elle - Hey! good to know that about their sizes! thanks alot! :)

@Katie - Awesome! im excited about them too! :)

thank you ladies so much for the sweet comments! i appreciate it!

Borjana said...

JOs nisi bila?!Sram te bilo!Jedva cekam da vidis i smanjis wish listu;-)

Tanyabell said...

My husband has the last robot necklace...haha...we are going to make it a watch! And, I do believe I have almost the same pair of blue shoes! XD

Oh. And, that hot pink dress is fab! Reminds me of Marilyn in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"!

Suvi said...

Hi there,
really beautiful stuff from 21+ collection. Wish we had one close by -not at the moment. Enjoy the summer around the corner,
Suvi, Love Handles x x

Molto ❤ Fashion said...

I was just thinking today that I really need to compile my wish list for the summer! I love the pieces you picked, especially that floral bathing suit. (Eeks, bathing suit is definitely on my list, too- but it's always so hard to find a good one!) All those necklaces are adorable, too! I might just have to make a trip to Forever 21 to stalk everything... xx

Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) said...

yay 21plus. I tried a whole bunch of long skirts and it just doesnt look good on my short little legs hahaha

Wild Child said...

love the maxi dresses and for the wedding i would recommend to buy the sequin or lace dress, they are my fav!

btw I've changed the name to my blog, please visit with its new name:

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thanks the support is appreciated :)

Anita riot said...

@amarie! thanks lady :) i tried the blue shoes on, but the sizes are weird...

@B - hehe bila sam!!! i kupila haljinu! :D bilo je kao raj na zemlji :)

@Tanyabelle - oh wow that is so cool! robots rule i love that they are accessorie pieces and that u are making a watch out of it. thats awesome :D

@Molto - Tell me about it! I'm having a hard time finding baithingsuits that also suit me, i tried so many cute ones on so far but they just dont look how i want them too :P hope you find one that suits you :)

@Rosy - yeah they are really long. my legs are pretty short too so i feel like i got swallowed by the maxis when i tried them on, but im not giving up! lol you shouldnt either! :D

@Wild child-thanks girl! I think i will get the pink one, it is just so fudging rad! I would love to accessorize it with some green or tuquoise

thank you all for the sweet comments! wish me luck in spending all this money! :DD

Mode Plus said...

I can't tell you to by all of them, hehehe ;) I'm also looking for a maxi dress to wear this summer. If you buy yours, make an OOTD post, ok?

Diana Cunha said...

Hope you follow me back!
xo DC

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Also, I want to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and for stopping by in general, I really appreciate it!

I'd love to hear in the near future from you again!


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vintage swimwear said...

Very unique, stylish and yet sexy. Love the combo of jewelry and how it works with your body type. Full figured and sexy!

Megan Joy said...

The accessories are my favorites. Great picks.
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