Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tribal in the city

These last couple of days where pretty busy for me.  I had some stuff to take care of at the university and some family things etc etc etc blahhh!!! Boring stuff, but I figure I might as well mention the reason why I didn't post much in the last time..

So I finally went to the Forever 21 store.  It was magical.  The whole store is just so cute! They have a whole room for accessories and another whole room just for shoes!! I was hoping to find a huge plus size section but it was pretty small...There weren't so many things to choose from but it was all super cute anyway! I fell in love with this dress and had to buy it.  I absolutely love the tribal print on it and the color is fantastic! It is a purple background with blue, orange, red, white, tribal prints on it.

I felt pretty naked in it because it was so light and it just kind of flows around in the wind, it's like wearing your birthday suit if you catch my drift ;)

On this day I found out that I passed an exam so that's what the special "accessorie" is in my hand.  A celebratory Stiegl Radler (Bier with lemonade) - Cheers!

Over and Out,


Katrin said...

It looks really cute on you, I saw it online, but now seeing it on you, I really, really like it.

cleverlittlebuttons said...

Love the tribal theme! The dress really suits you and you look soo happy! That makes me want to buy the dress!
Love C x

Thicker Than Your Average Girl said...

Love that Tribal dress You were it so well ! And wohooo for passing your exam ! =]

Borjana said...

Gorgeous dress,love it!So full of colors and perfect for summer!

Anonymous said...

love the dress, looks just right for the summer!

Honeysuck_elle said...

cute dress, I love the colors and I feel you on the light materials, I usually end up layering them out of modesty - "ahh what if someone sees my butt somehow" sorta thing.

I love Forever 21 too but it is a bit disappointing that the plus size section is so small.

Anonymous said...

I love the print!

The Dumpy Duchess said...

love your tribal dress! and oh how i love leggings! I'm definately following!

Anaïs Seyo said...

You look great.
Thanks for your last note.

LaCara said...

You look cute!! You should model...I think you'd make a great addition on the Forever 21 site! <3

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

Cute! Looks comfy. Perfect for the summer.

Joy said...

Congrats on passing the exam!

What an adorable outfit! Looks so comfortable yet super stylish.

Anika said...

I love love love your dress darling! Such a great cut and colours for you. And the owl is too cute, I have owl earrings that I am now inspired to wear today as an ode to you :) Happy Saturday sweetheart!

Thick Threads said...

Thank you allllllll so very very much! i appreciate all the comments and love! It means so much to me and i truly appreciate every single one of your opinions and comments! <3 you guys! xoxoxox

Rock 'n Style said...

Hi there lovely!

I want to thank you (again) for your sweet comment on my blog and for stopping by in general! I really appriciate it!! How did your job interview go? And what outfit did you wear?

Hopefully you did great and got the job!

Hope to hear soon from you!


Rock 'n Style

Anonymous said...

ein radler ! gut gut ! Its a great name for a shandy, makes me want to start cycling again !

I need to come visit and check out the dress in 3d


Thick Threads said...

Hey Murray! yeah i really dont know why they would encourage riding bikes and drinking beer with the name "radler" :D Must be fun, but I dont recommend it. You gotta come down when Vic Goddard plays this oct! :) but you already know that!