Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tradition Shmadition. Part 2.

Okayyyyyy SO! moving on to the next outfit post here.  I meant to post sooner but....well...slacker mode was on and I forgot to shut it off again :)

But on the cerial...I had shniz to do....Yes I did just make up the word "shniz" it's catchy...I'll keep it.

Anywhoooo I wore this dress for the second part of the Wedding I went to a few weeks back.  I actually pretty much stalked this dress on City Chics website, I absolutely loved it when I saw it.  So when they had the - 60% sale I knew it was my chance to get it, I mean how could i not?...It's the perfect summer garden wedding or any semi fancy occasion summer dress.  

I was a little nervous about buying it because I had never bought clothes online before so I made sure to measure myself correctly via their size chart, their sizing rules.  It fits perfectly...brownie points for city chic!  Will shop there again, and thanks to my trusty partner in crime Andrea "dee dee" Miller I actually got to have the dress, because city chic  don't ship to austria BIIIIGGG SAD FACE :( imagine that! It is really very dissapointing because they have sooooo many cute clothes there!! grrrr But thanks to Dee I got my dress! she was awesome enough to ship it over.  I hope city chic decide to go international with their shipping soon.  That would be amazing!  

I hope you guys are all enjoying your summer so far!  Do you have any favorite clothing items this summer?  What can you NOT do without in the summer time? 

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dress: city chic, shoes: pitarello shoes, Jewellry and hand bag: Bijou brigitte and H&M

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Anonymous said...

Really really love this outfit!! the colors are so happy and fit you great! the accessories are to die for and your purse :) a big woow :)) by the way how amazing are your shoes!! love the whole thing and "shniz" is catchy ill keep it too :)

Shewearscrazywell said...

That outfit is so pretty...and with your lovely pink highlights!!! Love it! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Adrienne said...

I love this look! And, I admit that some of your pics have inspired me to try bangs! Fingers crossed that they look as cute as they do on you!!

Adrienne from

Honeysuck_elle said...

I LOVE your outfit, the dress is so damn pretty. Love the dragonfly necklace too.


You are BEAUTIFUL!! I love your dress and that necklace is fabulous! Kiah

laura said...

I adore that dress! And the acccessories you've used are gorgeous! That ring, in particular, is just amazing! and loving your eye makeup!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

KaNini's said...

Said already everything on Chictopia... this is stunning! That dress is made for you and I love the touch of the 50s in this look! Absolutely my cup of tea! ;)
Favourite clothing items? Oh dear... there are so many and I'm actually thinking about making a post about my summer dresses (63 so far and yes, I admit: I'm obsessed with dresses!:S)

LG aus dem 12.ten Bezirk! :D

Joy said...

I absolutely love this dress/outfit - you look lovely! I believe that's the same dress I was eyeing -- the rose garden dress is it? Wish I would have bought one myself!

Gorgeous photos!

Borjana said...

Ohh look like a gorgeous young lady!Glad to see you so dressed up,you should wear dresses more often!

Vanessa said...

This dress fits you beautifully. I love the structured top and the full skirt!

Katrin said...

You look so lovely, the dress is beautiful and I really like the necklace!

Jen said...

Dress fits you perfectly.

Jen xx

Tinu said...

cute cute dress!

Mode Plus said...

It fits beautifully Anita! What a great idea to have other bloggers (?) ship items to each other. That's a danger to the wallet right there.

sacramento said...

I have just found you In Mode Plus, and I have fallen in love with you and your blog.
I am following and adding you to my blogroll, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Joy said...

You are stunning. Love that dress!

Big Busty Broad

rock & ruffles said...!

adore everything about this look!
my summer time must haves are my denim shorts, you can dress them up or dress them down! they're perfect.


Julie said...

stunning dress