Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tradition Shmadition! Part 1

Here we gew.  I guess some of you already know I was at a wedding last week and most of you asked for outfit pics. So that's whats happening.

I learned that in austria it is tradition to have 2 wedding dates.  One after the other...which makes it kind of hard to leave your partner at the alter, not that I agree with such a thing...I'm just sayin, once you're in, you're in.

So the first day is done at the registrars office with only the closest family, maid of honor and best man to get all the legal paper work and the "I do's" done and outta the way.

So we got a traditional austrian wedding, and that means traditional austrian wear! OH NOES! I don't have a Dirndl!!
Image via wikipedia see: Dirndl

And with my Student budget I really couldn't afford to buy one to wear this one time and never again after that.  If you don't know, Dirndls are expensive..So I searched my closet to find something that I figured could pass as semi-traditional wear with a little mod thrown into it :) 
I came up with this. 

I loooove the little embroided flowers on these wedges! 
dress: C&A. hairbow & clutch: Bijou brigitte. wedges: pittarello shoes

Well I guess it worked because I got compliments on it and there where a few other people who wheren't dressed up in dirndls and Lederhosen :)  

The next day was the church ceremony and party part of the whole austrian wedding tradition, for which I had a different dress...but I will show you that one next time! :) 

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Honeysuck_elle said...

OMG, I absolutely love your entire outfit! Purse, shoes - everything.

Joy said...

Interesting to learn about the wedding traditions. Your modern interpretation of the Dirndl is gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing the next outfit. :)

Shewearscrazywell said...

Ack...I love your dress and whole outfit! You look amazing. I went to Austria when I was a teenager...its one of the most beautiful countries...and I love the traditions!!! Yay...Austria...yay traditional weddings..and most of all...yay you! Hearts, Janna Lynn

LaCara said...

I just learnt something new (thank you!!), but more importantly you look AMAZING! Red is definitely your colour! I hope you didn't steal too much attention from the bride ;P


Jarette (juh-rette) said...

awww how cute !!!

Mywildmess said...

look great in red! love the red bow head band, so cute

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Borjana said...

WOW!This is your best look!I love absolutely everything,from the bow to that gorgeous wedges!!


You are so beautiful!! I love you in red! You look BOW CHICA WOW WOW!! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Kiah

laura said...

lovely! the color is smashing on you! and yup! those wedges sure are cute!

Thick Threads said...

@ elle - thanks darlin! :) it means alot

@ joy - thank you so much joy! you are a sweetheart! glad you learned something new here! :)

@ janna lynn - haha aww so cool that you where in austria! you should come back some day and visit :) it would be fun :) thanks for the sweet comment you rule! :)

@ jarette - thanks lady! :)

@ wild mess - thanks lovely :)

@ B - thanks sweetpea! :) i appreciate it!

@ Kiah - aww thanks lady! so sweet of you! you are just as gorgeous hun!

@ Laura - thanks!! youre so sweet! :)

@ LaCara - Thanks lovely! I am glad i could introduce something new on here for you! and the bride was very pretty i think she had all the attention on her but thanks so much! :)

thanks everyone for the sweetest comments they make my day every time! You guys are so great! :)


KaNini's said...

This look is really beautiful and you look so awesome! Those wedges are too cute and that bow on your head...WANT IT! ;) All in all... so pretty and so eyecatching! ;)

Molto ❤ Fashion said...

This is so creative of you and you look great!! You still captured the traditional vibe of the customary costume, and still you didn't have to dish out the money for a new dirndl. That must be a really cool event though to see everyone dressed in traditional dress!! xx