Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Urban Jungle Heart

Okay so I'm back from the whole wedding situation...I got some pics from what I wore to that wedding but not all of them so hold your horses, or horsepower or whatever the young and cool kids say now-a-days....Oh how I love cheap jokes.....who's with me? anyone? ...no? okay...Ahem...

So I got this dress because First of all the print is so awesome...how adorabl are those little hearts and the color is pretty rad too! But mostly because it reminded me of the grunge days back in the 90s.  You know those baby doll dresses all the girl singers in the bands wore. Courney Love and Gwen where all about them! If you don't remember or if you where born after 1993, don't sweat it! I found some examples for you. 

I always though they where so pretty and cool! Both the dresses and the girls. I mean, who wouldn't right?  So while on a trip to Munich, Germany I went to a store called T.K.Maxx it's the same store as T.J. Maxx which they have in the states, where I also used to shop back in da dayz...When I found out that I could find the store so close to Vienna it pretty much blew my mi-eei-i-eei-nd! (that's "mind" in "stoked" language) which is where I found this sweet thang! Anywhoo here are some pics of me wearing it on a super scorching hot day  in Vienna. :) 

Over and out,

tourists in the background :P

Phils....shoes.  He took this randomly just 'cuz he was bored, he's lucky it fits with the whole grunge vibe. :P 

And a little duck came by to say hello :) 


Anonymous said...

Love your text, I always enjoy reading what's going on in the life of Anita Riot.

Nice post.
xoxo Mia

mrsjarette said...

That back drop was beautiful... dress looks comfy.

KaNini's said...

Aaaaajjjj... You're not different, you're unique!! I just browsed you blog a little...girl, you have so much power you could light Vienna! ;) Following for sure and I'd love to have a blogger coffee with a girl who's so impressive!:)
Wir lesen uns noch! ;)
LG, K.

Hannah said...

That dress rocks!!
You have such a way of adding your style to everything. If I saw this at a store I would just assume it's a sweet little dress. But you toughen it up so well with the black accents! I love it.

toxic said...

Cool as always :D

westwood said...

Yes ducks!

I love how the sunglasses match your hair.

Thick Threads said...

@ Mia - aw thanks!! :))

@ Jarette - yeah vienna is a gorgeous city! :) dress is comfy :)

@ Kaninis - Oh thank you so much! you are really just so sweet! Yes we need to work on the coffee date! :) Danke Schööön! :)

@Hannah - thanksss! you are so sweet! I try to add as much of my own style to as much as possible! thanks for the kind words!

@toxic - thank you honey :)

@westwood - ducks rule! :) thanks!

laura said...

uh, yes! how sweet ARE those little hearts! And i love those purple leggings/shorts you've worn with the dress! it's a lovely hue!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Honeysuck_elle said...

Vienna looks heavenly, I hope to travel there one day. I'm with you about the sundresses, doc martens, and leather jackets of the grunge era.

JazmineKariss said...

:o I love your hair! I'm dying my tips pink this summer :)