Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Magic seeds make magic Trees

Hey there!

These pictures where taken on a lazy sunday afternoon.  Just strolling around Vienna.  The trees are so beautiful this time of year, I love how magical it looks.

Speaking of magical.  We went to go see "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" a documentary by Werner Herzog
Filmed with a 3D camara.  It's about the incredibly interessting journey into the Chauvet caves in france, where only a handful of people have been allowed to enter.  Werner Herzog got exclusive access to film the oldest cave drawings that ever existed.  It was very beautiful and interesting to see and wonder what was going on through the artists head, or what stories he was trying to tell with the drawings.  It's some of the best use for 3D in my opinion.  If documentaries are your cup of tea, you should deffintely go check it out. If it's playing in a theater near you, watch it in 3D, you won't regret it.  If you live in vienna, go see it at the "Gartenbau Kino."

Cardigan,shirt, ring,bag:H&M, Earrings: Claire's, necklace: Forever 21, 

I should also tell you guys that I am finally going to have a Blogaversary GIVEAWAY!! yay!! :)) please come back and check it out. It will be up sometime this week :) 

That's all for now darlin's.  Have a great evening! 

Anita Riot


Jarette (juh-rette) said...

Hey Missy, You won My Sweet Dreams GAP contest, email me at mrsjarette@gmail.com with your info.. By the way you look adorable.

cheeky rose said...

Dont you just love autumn or fall I love the dusty pink of your cardi

La Dama said...

Cute earrings amor, you look so pretty, love your bag.

Hannah said...

That sounds like a neat documentary! I'm not really one who does like to sit and watch films, but I do enjoy watching educational shows on t.v. I would assume it's similar in a way that it explores a sight unseen and teaches you a bit about it?

Pretty, pretty outfit! I love the blush tone cardigan with the edgy black. It's so on trend!

Honeysuckelle said...

You look so cute, I love the complete look.

I love the way the trees look in the background, and look at the people looking at you on the tram hehe.

I love documentaries, most documentaries that I watch either make me cry or rage like a baby afterwards (or both). Most of the ones I watch are about politics or something but it would be nice to switch it up and look at something brilliant. Herzog is quite fabulous too.


sacramento said...

You are wearing the colours of autumn so well.
I love how your bag is blending with the trees.

Full of Fabulous said...

those earrings are the cutest & you love awesome as always!!

laura said...

That documentary sounds super cool! I must check it out. I am, and will forever be, a documentary kind of girl :)

Love the pinks in this outfit! The cardigan is so cute and those earrings are adorable!

Can't wait for the giveaway!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
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Sabrina said...

your life- amazing. ENVY. HAPPY ONE YEAR BLOGGING BIRTHDAY!! amazing. perfect fall bag.



Borjana said...

Bas si slatka u tim tackicama!I opet mi oci ispadose na torbu:-)

mitch said...

you are looking beautiful on a lovely day, loving the autumn colors and cutee accessories!

Vanessa said...

The Cave came to our film festival here this summer, but it was always playing when i was working. I was bummed to miss it.

The Canon Girl said...

You look absolutely adorable. That green ring is a great pop of color in the rest of your soft colored outfit and the complete outfit is just incredibly flattering! Great cropped cardi and dash of polka dots! Also, that documentary sounds incredibly interesting, I'd totally want to watch it!

MsVeve said...

Very cute outfit, suits you to a T:) xoxo, MsV

Anonymous said...

This outfit is so cute! Loving the bag ♥♥