Thursday, November 10, 2011

Awesome Blogger: Laura

I decided that I want to give back to those who have supported and inspired me with their personal blogs.  So many great bloggers with so many cool stories, styles and inspirations. This is the first of the sort :)

Her name is Laura! She is the mastermind behind The Blog of worldly Delights She's pretty awesome.  She likes fashion, Cooking, Baking, Comics, and more cool stuff check her out.

What are your views on fashion?

"My views on fashion? hmm.. ok, that's tough. For me, fashion is a means of self-expression. So cliche, I know, but what's fascinating is that everyone is different. So one person's interpretation of "glamorous" may not be the same as my interpretation. For instance, being "geek chic" for some people means thick, dark-framed glasses worn with a button-up cardi and skinnies. For me, it's a modified Grecian dress that looks like Thor's breastplate."

"Through what we decide to put on our bodies, we also share a bit about our personal aesthetic, our interests, hobbies, and lifestyle. I often like to wear stuff I get at comic conventions, clay jewelry I make myself, and Celtic-inspired pieces because they remind me of my research in grad school. But even though fashion offers the people around us a glimpse of ourselves, I also believe that fashion has amazing transformative abilities and can inspire us to be something we aren't, but aspire to be. "

Where do you get your inspiration?

"I take inspiration from lots of places! Fashion-icon-wise, I really love Gwen Stefani's style. She's a great example of how one person can rock several "styles." I aim to age as glamorously as she does. I also really love Sienna Miller's, Emma Watson's, and the sisters Fannings' styles. I also love looking at Japanese anime/manga for style inspiration.  My favorite artist is Ai Yazawa (Neighborhood Story, NANA, Paradise Kiss), and I love looking at her characters for tips. In addition to manga and anime, I enjoy looking at Japanese magazines and websites such as FRUITS and Blog-wise, bloggers who inspire me are Courtney from and Betty Felon from fashiontipsfromcomicstrips."

What's your message to women?

Coco Chanel said something along the lines of "there are no ugly women, just lazy ones." I totally believe this is true. And it's not just about putting makeup on or assessing one's clothing. Being lazy is also not changing one's perspective on body issues and self-confidence. If you're not feeling too confident and good about yourself, I recommend doing this little step that I picked up from Bella from look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself: "you are a beautiful woman" because you are. 

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Honeysuckelle said...

I love her outfits, I especially love outfits 3 through 6. She has so many cute pieces, those ruffle skirts and the striped cardigan - love, love! I love that quote from Coco Chanel, sometimes it is hard to feel beautiful and hard to feel like you want to be perceived as beautiful. She is absolutely adorable, I've checked out her blog before and am visiting it again right now.


Caroline said...

Great read, love her philosophy on fashion and those 2 quotes at the end! Laura always looks fabulous and has such a variety of outfits! x

just tututiny said...

L is such a fashionista! I have been an avid reader of hers since I've started blogging about a month or two ago - she never ceases to amaze with her outfit pairings and talent DIYs. Thank you for this interview and I hope to continue to reading other posts from you as well. Have a great weekend.

Hannah said...

Great feature! And what a great first blogger. I've stopped by Laura's blog from time to time and I always like what I see. Thanks for you sharing her interview!
I'm kind of a creep and I like to know where people get their inspiration from. haha So keep these coming! :)


Awesome interview! I love Laura! She is so smart and beautiful! I have really enjoyed watched her style evolve and I love how she is using blogging to come out of her shell! Kih