Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas List !

Olivia from Wait until the sunset has recently tagged me in her christmas list, which only means I have to make my own aswell.  I haven't really thought about EXACTLY what I want, i usually like to be suprised and see what the person had in mind for me, it's much better than telling people what to get you, because you know that person was thinking about you when they got that present for you which is kind of cool.

Nonetheless here is my Christmas Wishlist, because Olivia rules for tagging me. Asos have been killing me with all of their adorable stuff so everything on this list will be from asos because I have had LITERALLY no time to stop and think about what I'd like for Christmas this year so it's actually not very thought through, but I think you guys are used to that with me by now, right? :D so, here it goes. 

(why must you be out of stock :'C )

Doll Creepers in White

Okay so these are from Domino Dollhouse :)

(if you played the game, you're totally adding these to your list aswell)

Now it's time to tag some other wonderful bloggers to see their christmas list.

Whats on your Christmas list Darlins? 


Anonymous said...

great picks!

Danielle Rose said...

Was just about to comment to say how cool the hat and creepers are and to say that you need to get that dress if it comes back in stock you will look amazing!
AND just noticed you have tagged me!!! Thanks lovely I'll get it done next week <3 XXX

Domino Dollhouse said...

Thanks so much for including one of our products in your wishlist! We hope you get everything you are wishin' for =)

Honeysuckelle said...

Yay I'm excited to do my own Christmas list, honestly I have a huge mixed list of things I'm coveting. ASOS has really outdone themselves lately, so many drool worthy things. I love the royal blue jacket and body hugging black dress. I hope you get everything you want this year! Thanks for tagging me, eee, I'm excited to do my list.


MaMMaMoon said...

fabulous choices! ^^v
especially loving the swing coat <3


i just posted my xmas wishlist! loving yours!

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh - thank you for tagging me - I'll do mine tomorrow!

I love all of your choices - especially that divine pink frock - PLEASE Santa, bring our lovely Thick Threads that gorgeous dress!

(Also, that model is frickin beautiful!)

Sarah xxx

laura said...

The swing coat and the bow back dress are sooooo lovely!!!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Borjana said...

Asos rules!Sve je preslatko!Sad trebas cekati do Bozica;)

La Dama said...

Love the swing coat and pink bow dress.
Asos always has bargains on make up.
Oh gracias,I will do my list this week.


Lyosha said...

very nice picks! love the slippers - haha. Dress is amazing pick!

Inside and Outside blog

mitch said...

still haven't drafted my Christmas wishlist, been wanting to do this but I'm just a little preoccupied lately.

You have a nice list, all of the clothes are fab - especially the black one. I love it too. You are so lucky your have Asos Curve, or maybe having an Asos outlet here could be one in my wishlist too. haha :)

candice said...

Loveee your list. The pink dress with the bows in the back are my favourite! Such a pretty touch! Hope you're having a lovely day! xo Candice

The Canon Girl said...

The black dress, blue coat and the slippers! WORN ALL TOGETHER! :-D No you probably shouldn't but those are my favorite items of your list. I think. But I really like that hat and the pink dress too. I just love it all! I'm totally working on my wishlist by the way! :-D

wait until the sunset said...

lol I'm pretty sure you just plucked the list straight from my head!!! LOVE IT ALL!!! siiiggghhh