Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Girl in Black

Black is my go to color/shade whatever. It's always been what I usually want to wear and end up  wearing.  I've recently started getting out of the black phase because well, I've been wearing black for years and years and years so sometimes it feels good to switch it up a little, and to step out of my shell a little thanks to my blog.  However, black remains my comfort color, since this song was written about me thanks to my friends from Shock and Awe.

Make sure to check them out if you're in the Edinburgh area.

On to the photos!

sweater dress: present, shirt, leggins rings, owl: H&M, bracelettes: Forever 21, clutch: accessories

I'm spending the evening sewing up some nice things, maybe you'll get to see what it is soon!
have a wonderful day!

Over and out,


Nic said...

i love you neckalce and clutch!


WitchHazel said...

85% of my closet is black.. I always try to buy colorful pieces but they get shoved to side for my favorite black threads. I just feel like "myself" when I'm dressed in black. Looking fab as always doll, I'm loving all your jewelry xx

Borjana said...

Wow Ancice,super izgledas u all black i zlatnom nakitu!

mitch said...

You look fantastic in black Anita, loving your necklace and cuffs!

Anonymous said...

Love the all black outfit :D the gold accessories give it just the right touch, really nice ensemble :D
xox Mia

Honeysuckelle said...

You are evoking total wolf whistles in this outfit, I meant that as the highest compliment, and not in a creepy walking down the street and some guy offers to give you a ride somewhere kinda way. I've had that happen, it's weird.

I love your hair, it almost matches your outfit in a way with the combination of dark and light colors. How can you seriously beat an owl necklace? I love owls, how could you not, there such creepy little barn dwellers. The clutch is bitchin' too (yes, bitchin', I'm trying to bring it back, I am failing), it looks kinda like a book.

That is so cool to have a song written about you, my fiance is a musician and I hope one day he will write a song about me. Hopefully an inspired song and not just "thanks for cleaning my underwear" type song haha.


Andrea Miller said...

WONDERWOMAN CUFFS! So sexy. You're the best :)

Hannah said...

For years I had friends tell me that I wore too much black, I never really thought it was a problem. But even so, I started introducing lots of color in my clothes and found that I really love bright patterns. I can totally sympathize with you and your love for wearing black! A lot of my go to outfits are still a black tunic and black jeggings. You look incredibly chic and I smiled when you said the one photo was your "fancy pose". haha Love it!

Full of Fabulous said...

Loving this on you & your 'wonder woman' bracelets!!

La Dama said...

You look gorgeous in black amor.
I am a black wearing whore myself, slims me hips down
Love your clutch pose and thats the cutest owl necklace.

Jolene said...

I LOVE this look! I need to find a sweater dress like that but without a bulky neck, I can't stand the big necks for very long, they make me overheat and feel like I'm suffocating. But the look of it is just WOW!

MaMMaMoon said...

looking great! black is always gorgeous! ^^v
i`ve tried to get some colour into my wardrobe every now and then too...but i love black so much it`s still 99,9% of my closet xD
that owl necklace is sooo cute! ^^<3

sacramento said...

You are so gorgeous in any colour, and black suits you so well, dear friend.
Yes it is always sunny here, although it is getting cooler.

Lidia said...

If I choose a collor I think that grey is my color but My wardrobe is super colorful!


Sara said...

Oooh lovely! I heart you gold cuffs and owl neclace, you always get is so right with accessories!


Sabrina said...

you accccessoorrize the black to give it a lot of punch!!!!



laura said...

I love black as well! It's MY comfort color, too! And this number is amazing on you, plus that necklace is just adorable!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

The Canon Girl said...

That picture where you're pointing at something with your purse is pretty sexy, that dress hugs your hips perfectly! That song is freaking awesome by the way, having a song written about you is awesome already but it actually being a good song is just perfection. Can't say black is my go to color, I think that's purple or brown with me. Something cosy!


I would die if I couldn't wear black! lol It is in my book the most classic color ever! You look beautiful and I love your hair! My daughter and I are obsessed with owls. I just bought a purple owl necklace from H&M! Kiah

cheeky rose said...

You look super cute and how cool having a song just for you.

Clara Turbay said...

I like how you put together your ideas in this blog.


Danielle Rose said...

I wear black and grey the most :] I love the gold touches.
ps ive done my christmas list now xxx

Anonymous said...

Loving all the gold blinging off the black background! your owl necklace is so cute...from here it looks enameled. Searching for one on etsy for my daughter hoot loves owls lol :) Oh it's giddyupgirlz this damn google wont let me publish! only anonymously like a creepy stalker LOL

Style4Curves said...

very cute and I love your hair color!

Rock 'n Style said...

You look great! I love your hair and the fact that you have a splash of colour with the black outfit!

Also, I want to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog (a VERY while back - I try to respond to every one of my reader's comment. Maybe I don’t do this right away but some day, as you might notice). I love reading every single one and you make my day just by stopping by!

I'd love to hear more from you in the near future!


Rock 'n Style

Bad Taste Toast said...

Very chic all black look on you! Due to my punkrock/metal/emo phase when I was younger I still love black looks, especially black/pink or black/purple combos :)

I love how the accessories catch the eye here, the owl necklace and clutch are awesome!

Lyosha said...

great necklace! you look lovely!

Inside and Outside Blog

xStroutx said...

Ooooh I love the owl and the ring! fab.

Justine said...

I love your hair!

The touches of color look really good with this black outfit!

- Justine