Monday, January 23, 2012

Do Want!

Hey Everyone!

How's everyone doing? Good, I hope.  I'm still recovering from the ankle injury....booo!! I know. It's terrible. It really is.  I'm totally surviving though.  I'm having shopping withdrawals, not just for clothes, but for fabrics and sewing materials, DIY scraps and things like that.  I'll get back on it soon though!

I've been thinking about socializing, and how fun that used to be *insert stare into distant nothingness here*
so here is my make belive going out for a few drinks, brewskies, and the likes outfit, or "whatever you want it to be" oufit, nothing too fancy.  Now I'd love to own this outfit if I had a million bucks, if all of those things came in my size and I truly had the courage to wear them, if I could walk in insanely high heels, and if those pants weren't real leather.

Night out on the town

Ah....but a girl can dream.

Until next time friends!

Over and out,


Danielle Rose said...

That is a beautiful outfit and I think you would look beautiful in it. I'd love to own it too :] XX

Consider Me Lovely said...

Such a fab outfit!! Feel better soon!

marina miouprincess said...

love the clutch!

La Dama said...

Get better soon amor!
Love the clutch purse and leather pants.

MaMMaMoon said...

aww sweetie..u`ll be out rockin soon!
til then..awesome outfit picks! ^^v
leather pants..gorgeous! *.*d

Justine said...

Great look! You would be stunning in this! I really like the jeans and the watch!

- Justine

Laura Go said...

I totally LOVE this set. I want those wedges, that top, and those leather pants. OH MY WORD.
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Honeysuckelle said...

I'm hoping for a (even quicker) quick heal on your ankle! It will be over before you know it though. I love the things you picked, I'm dying for a pair of leather pants but I feel like I'd look like crap in them. I love the earrings and top too, lovely picks.


Misfits Vintage said...

Oh no - your ankle is still out of action - hope it gets better SOON! That bangle rocks! Sarah xxx

Lyosha said...

get better soon! hope your ankle soon will be OK again!
Love this pieces, looks totally awesome!

Inside and Outside Blog

Krista said...

Keep getting better. I love this outfit, super dark and sexy. Those pants are HOT!!!!!!

WitchHazel said...

All of these pieces are amazing! I especially love that awesome watch and clutch.. drool, drool ;p I could never pull off those pants tho, gorgeous as they are!

AnieB said...

Darling whta apretty combination, loove het blouse, I think you could find on low cost too, I got something similar from forever 21 ;-) Also in yellow lime, from summer I thought.
Thanks for following and coment, of coure I follow you too, very interesting blog!!!!

Lidia said...

I love the selection...! If I had a million I would spend much in clothing!

sacramento said...

I love what you are dreaming of, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
So nice to hear from you, my gorgeous friend.
get than ankle better soon

GiddyUpGirlz said...

I always want to wear super high wedges but I'm so tall already boo...Hey! just to let you know you won my giveaway...maybe make you feel abit better yay!

Sabrina said...

girl, so sorry about your ankle! die for leather pants. love your picks.

MichaelaEng said...

Cute stuff! That watch is awesome. Im not one for watches, but I soo wear that :]

Marissa D said...

i wish i could wear them too but i am not such a risk-taker! love ur blog <3 i follow u ,if u want follow back :-)

wait until the sunset said...

omg what happened to your ankle?!?!? I've missed so much??

But as a side note this outfit rocks! Don't dream it- DO IT!!! :) xxxx

dina vanessa mercado said...

sooo love alll of it!!! very beautiful... great post!!! kissess!!!

Bad Taste Toast said...

This set is amazing! I can totally relate to wishing I could walk on high heels and to the clothes all coming in my size. ;)

MaMMaMoon said...

Hi Sweetie! Hope you`re feeling better! <3
I`ve awarded you so please check my latest post

Hilary Nicole said...

Ooo The McQueen clutch is to die for. I love it. Have a great day!

XX Hilary