Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tiny Monkeys!!

Hey Everyone!

Not gonna do a lot of talkin' today.  Just want to show you guys this outfit I've been wanting to share on here for a while.

One bad thing about this is....the friggin sweater shrunk in the washer!! :( so sad! I managed to squeeze into it though but well, let's just say, it's not exactly its self anymore...poor thing.  It manages to look descent enough for these pictures...I think?

this is one of my favorite brooches, I'm kinda bummed that I don't wear it more often. It was a gift from a friend which makes it all the more special. I'm just not a  brooches kind of gal...I wish I was though, I really do but...I tend to forget to wear them, which is weird because I really like brooches! This one is flexible and I like wearing it over the shoulder because of its flexibility.

sweater, dress: H&M, collar & clutch: DIY, Bangle: Giddy up girls giveaway, brooche: gift from Ulli Lust

On another note.  I won this bangle at the Giddy up Girls blog giveaway a while back.  I was so glad to have won it because it's so sparkly and awesome, just my kind of thing ya know.

 Well expecting to get a bangle in the mail you can imagine my suprise when I saw this big package:

After ripping it open to see what's inside what I saw deffinitely surprised me. Out jumped a tiny monkey and started playing a tiny drum set with tiny drum sticks, he had a tiny hat on and tiny sparkly shoes, he started singing and then he jumped up on my shoulder and proceeded to give me a high five.
.......Okay okay so maybe none of that happened I wanted to get your imagination flowing a little there. There was no Tiny monkey, although that would have been AMAZING.

Moving on to the actual cool part!

What was actually inside was pretty awesome. She sent me some cool clothes with the awesome bangle! which is so awesome of her! She deffinitely knows how to get on a bloggers good side :D . A BIG THANKS goes out to Giddy up Girls!  :) I love all of it! Heres a little glimpse of the clothes.

How cute is this dress for the summer? I dig the colors.

This dress shirt has a little shine/sparkle to it, actually just what I have been looking for, all I need now is some pleather pants/leggins ;)

This ones got a vintagy feel to it. I like the big button detail and the wide sleeves. Gotta figure out what to pair it up with...hmmmm.... :) 

Over and Out, 
Anita Riot


Kiah Torres said...

WOW! That sweater is super cute (even shrunk)! lol I died over that fabulous broach! GORG! You are so beautiful girl! Kiah

Vanessa said...

Dein Pulli ist so schön und es ist sooo süß, wie du deine Brosche trägst :) Vegetarisch ist übrigens immer gut, finde ich zumindest ;)

sacramento said...

I love your outfit, and the brooch, ahhhhhhhhhhhh I want it.

Nikol said...

I love the pleated skirt and sweater combo. I think that I may play with these styles tomorrow. :)


GiddyUpGirlz said...

I love that dress on you! Before I thought it was a skirt but either way I love the pleating and the floaty look esp when you pair it with a sweater. The brooch is really cool! you should remember to wear it more often...Love the bangle with this outfit too...Glad you like all the goodies. I collect things and when I can't use them I try to think of people who would or could and if it fits their style. :)

Danielle Rose said...

Even if its shrunk it still looks great and you look beautiful as always X

Krista said...

Anita I love your sense of humor and this sweater is so dam cute on you. That brooch is bad ass! I am loving all your gifts!!!

Anonymous said...

omg I love your sweater so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mabel Time

Hannah said...

That's such a bummer about what happened to your sweater! But you are totally making it work in these pictures, I'd be none the wiser that it shrunk.

You are too funny. Love the monkey story! lol What a fun surprise to get clothes to wear with your new bangle! I wish every time I ordered jewelry I got extra stuff to wear. ;)

MaMMaMoon said...

supacute outfit! u look great luv! ^^v
shrinkage is always annoying but the top looks sweet anyways. ^^<3
that package was an awesome surprise! ^^d
have a great day hunny! MMxoxo

Honeysuckelle said...

I really want this monkey you speak of, it sounds like quite a magical monkey! I'm sorry to hear about the sweater shrinkage, I hate when that happens. It is a cute sweater and it looks lovely on you either way. I looooooooove the bangle and the brooch is so unique and cool as well. I'm adoring that bangle the more I stare at it, it so flippin cute. How amazing that is to get surprises, I love surprise gifts. You look gawgaus darlin'.


Mode Plus said...

I just hate it when clothes shrink, but you still can wear this one, thank god right? Love this look Anita, neutral with just the amount of details.

Laura Go said...

I LOVE this dress, Anita. And the jumper, fo sho! I also cannot get enough of the most adorable brooch you have!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

La Dama said...

cute ass sweater!
I love love your glittery bangle.
you got some neat stuff amor.
I was almost believing the monkey story,ahahha

wait until the sunset said...

oohhh that sweater is too cute!

Olivia :) x
Wait Until The Sunset

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

That dress is ADORABLE! =)


Marissa D said...

i love the dress skirt,i want to buy many pleatted skirts for summer!!

Bad Taste Toast said...

Huhu! Ist ja lustig, ich wusste auch nicht dass wir auf Deutsch schreiben können, hier steht ja nirgendwo wo du herkommst :)
Find das Outfit so süß, der Rock und Pulli sind toll. Den Pulli wollte ich auch so gern haben, war aber zu geizig und hab mich hinterher geärgert als er nicht mehr da war.
Ist übrigens ne coole Idee die Brosche so über die Schulter zu tragen, hab ich so noch nie gesehen :)

Schönes Wochenende wünsch ich dir!

Paperbacks and Postcards said...

I love the outfit! It looks so wintery and warm! Shame about the sweater shrinking though :( xx

The White List said...

Amazing post!!! Brilliant blog - looking forward to more posts from you. :-) Have a great weekend! :-)


Bad Taste Toast said...

Huhu, ich bin das mal wieder! ;)

Wollte dich nur wissen lassen, dass es bei mir momentan was Hübsches zu gewinnen gibt! Also falls du Lust hast:


Viele Grüße! :)

Borjana said...

Meni je bas super dzemper i tako skupljen.Svidja mi se kako si se umotala u slojeve,a opet si chic!Volim kad si tako girly!;)
Bravo bravo za free clothes!;)

Marisa said...

I am loving the sweater, and totally digging your nail polish to doll! Keep being your fabulous self.

<3 Marisa


Ashley Isaacs said...

aaaawwwwww, you look sooooo cute, love the outfit sweets............xx


Big and Beautiful said...

love your outfit!!! sooooo pretty!