Sunday, April 15, 2012

Biggest Pet Peeve.

Pet peeves are a funny things aren't they?  They can be anything to anyone.  You want to know mine? 

Let me tell you about it. 

People are throwing their opinions around like a bad case of genital crabs.  I don't know why a hateful opinion about another persons body needs to be voiced so strongly and have such a strong effect on society.  For example: dropping a girl out of a talent competition because of her body size is ridiculous and sad that it is actually acceptable by so many especially in today's world. Our society has come so far in terms of intelligence yet we are still so stupid to judge someone by their appearance and body size.  

We voice hateful opinions and destroy someones self worth without even thinking about it.  These kind of acts and opinions aren't creating an idol or superstar, they're creating a fuel for the fire.

Hasn't it occurred to anyone that what others do with their body is THEIR choice?  A choice we ALL need to and should accept. It's to be respected and not judged.  So what if someone is living an unhealthy life? It's their life, their choice, what's it to you? You can still go on and eat your salads and go on to win the award for most known facts about edible grass, you still need to respect  the fact that the "unhealthy" person is making a choice and it's none of mine, yours or anyone's business.  For all you know that fat girl or guy you just made a stupid remark about has been working on trying to get into shape and has even lost a few pounds, and that stupid, careless comment you made has just destroyed all of his or her hard work and motivation being replaced with an all  too familiar feeling of self-hate and discouragement.

Fat people know we are fat. There is no need to point it out, it's been pointed out to us most of our lives, everyday by friends, family, random strangers.  We also have lives, families, jobs, responsibilities, it's not easy being pushed down by society everywhere! we can't concentrate on losing weight and being skinny with everything else on our plate.  Hasn't it occurred to anyone that if negative and hateful comments about body size would work, there would be no fat people in the world, anywhere?  Think about that for a minute. 

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Consider Me Lovely said...

You say it lady!! My mom always told me, if I have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all, and I try to live by that. Besides, who am I (or anyone else) to judge?

Bad Taste Toast said...

Word! Jaja ich weiß genau was du meinst, ich frag mich auch immer was das soll.
Ich als Philosophie-Student könnte da jetzt auch stundenlang drüber lamentieren, aber die Essenz des Ganzen ist ja eigentlich nur: es ist jedem selbst überlassen wie er lebt und wenn es anderen nicht passt sollen sie wegschauen.
Schade, dass das im Alltag in den seltensten Fällen auch so funktioniert :-/

QT said...


wait until the sunset said...

Great post Anita. People need to stop sticking their nose in- how others choose to lead their lives is their business!!

Laura Go said...

When I first read this post I thought your pet peeve was genital crabs. but I totally agree with you on this! People need to mind their own businesses and just like everyone else for who they are!

WitchHazel said...

Powerful post, thank you for this. "So what if someone is living an unhealthy life? It's their life, their choice, what's it to you?" - is my attitude exactly, not just when it comes to weight, but smoking, drinking, drugs, etc, etc, etc - it's YOUR decision and YOUR problem to deal with, not mine. As long as what you're doing doesn't affect me, what do I give a shit? It's always made me crazy that more people don't have this kind of attitude.

Maxens M. Finch (ex: Pashupati) said...

I had eating disorders and it's no fun, god, and an unknown person commenting on how the Coke you are drinking is no good and not stopping talking? I had to reflect 30 minutes on whether I should allow myself to bring this Coke outside with me and drink it, I was HAPPY to drink it, and this dude ruined everything. It wasn't "hey, you know, I find this nutritional fact interesting!", he really was trying to discourage me from drinking it, maybe caring for my health, but go to hell, it made me feel guilty and my space invaded.
I have safe foods, like cheese, and my mother always comment when I eat too much cheese that the sodium, salt! or comment on what I eat, that what I eat isn't good, or on my body (that I am thin, I remember even when I was like 5 people always commented on that or on the fact that I "fattened" because you couldn't see my muscles anymore or... SOCIETY!)
So ***thanks*** for this article.

GiddyUpGirlz said...

I agree! I've been both sides of the spectrum. So I know what it FEELS like to thin and heavy. I have noticed how people have treated me different too esp. my own family! Once I told my family member when she was ripping on fat people "well if there were no fat people in the world who would you compare your thinness too?" and she kinda looked at me weird. But I was just tired of hearing it and I let her have some of her own medicine. lol

MaMMaMoon said...

Well said darling! Society today has become ridiculous in so many ways and concentrates on the wrong things.
No matter what shape or form, we all have our lives to live one way or another.

On a personal note, I experienced the shallowness of people early on. I was a plumpy child but nothing out of the ordinary. Developed early so just was ahead of others in school. Finally in junior high I became ill for two years and lost a lot of weight. At first there was namecalling like anorexic etc, but once the illness settled, everyone was all ooh aaah you`re so pretty now you`re thin! Umm..yeah, I`m actually ill so that`s fun for you huh?

Now that I`m heavy I`m the most disgusting thing in the world to some people even tho I`m fairly healthy, keep a vegetarian diet and excercise a lot. O.o

There`s just no pleasing anyone really and people have totally lost the plot.
It`s so completely twisted how much value we give to such stupidity. Let people be how they are and love them for it. If it doesn`t hurt anybody, why should it bother you either.

Much love! MMxoxo

Fashionthrougthravel said...

This post is such an inspiration! I completely agree with you. It's not the body shape or size that matters, what matters is how you act and what you can do with your life.
I hope people will be able to understand this someday...

Krista said...

I love how you just tell it like it is. So many things to think about in this post. I'm sorry for the bad behavior of others and I'm afraid I might be a little guilty of this. My sister is bigger than me and I used to tease her a lot when we were kids, to this day I still feel terrible for it. Now I find myself telling her what to eat and giving her suggestions for making healthier choices, but ya know what you are right, who am I to tell her how to eat. I really take this post to heart and I am going to try and shut up and let her just be who she is, because I love her that way.

THANK YOU for opening my eyes.

Sabrina said...

greeed. AMEN SISTER. PREACH IT. "fat people know we are fat" boom.

Honeysuckelle said...

I couldn't agree with you more and never understood why someone feels they have the right to tell someone else what they should do with their bodies/life, whether it be regarding their size, sexual preferences, etc. I grew up for so long believing that if I was skinny my life would magically be perfect and we all know that is not the truth at all. I'm so sick of society acting as if being chubby, fat, overweight (etc) is a death sentence not only in the health arenas but in the social, romantic, and life arenas. Someones worth is not directly related to how attractive the majority of the populace finds them! I personally call bullshit on that one! I know many people in my life who are happy and many people who are unhappy, and it has nothing to do with their size UNLESS that person makes their size an issue. I wish people would quit being so ridiculously shallow and see the beauty in people! Thank you so much for posting this bb, I love hearing and seeing other people promoting body positivity! You are awesome.


MaMMaMoon said...

Forgot to mention I nominated you for a blog award. ^^
Please checkie if interested..if not..nevermind. ^^v