Sunday, April 7, 2013

Studs + Denim + Florals

Hey There!

I know, it's been a while..but do you guys really wanna hear all about how I've been too busy? Probably not, so let's skip  this small talk and get straight to what really counts...talking about the weather. I kid, I kid...Thanks for putting up with my cheap humor by the way ;)

Moving on...

Denim shirt: C&A, Pants:H&M, backpack: Cath Kidston

I recently wore this outfit to the university. I like the studded denim shirt on floral look, and my Cath Kidston backpack hasn't seen the light of day on the blog yet so here it is! I can really recommend it if you are looking for a cute backpack that's comfortable. The straps are really good with balancing out the weight, if you have to carry a lot of heavy things on a daily basis like a laptop and books and so on.

My sister and I experimented with a few different filters on her camara during this shoot, let me know how you guys like it.

As always, Thanks for stopping by. I always appreciate it very much.

Keep being awesome.

Over and out,


annikaherz said...

sieht absolut super aus! richtig lässig und super für die uni :)

Cassykins said...

What's funny is your pants reminded me of the floral on a Cath Kidston recipe book I have and then it turns out your backpack is Cath Kidston. Btw I really like how the black and white picture brings out the blonde sections of your hair, really neat.

Alina Adé said...

dankeschön! ♥
ja ich mag ikea auch sehr, da gibts immer soo tolle sachen :)

Emma Henderson said...

You're totally rocking that shirt! I've been looking for a denim one that fits nicely for what seems like forever but I finally found it a few weeks ago - YAY!

Fabrizia said...

This is really lovely my dear!!
Come back soon to visit me on Cosa Mi Metto???
Win your favorite garment from Lashes of London!!

Anita riot said...

yayyy!! Glad you found one! :)

Ileana said...

That backpack is adorable!!!! I really love Cath Kidston prints.... and ur pants, the print is really spring-y ^^

Lidia said...

I always love black and white and also your super cool backpack!!!

Dj Mordia said...

Looking Fabulous! Loved the outfit.. All you need is a pair of designer eyewear with this outfit, and you will be out of this world..! :) xoxo .. By the way, from where do you usually buy high heel shoes or designer footwear..?