Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I'm just going to jump into this post, not literally, that would break my computer.

My schedule has been insane lately, and it will most likely stay that way until the end of this semester.  I've been a super slacker at the university for the past three semesters and I thought I've got to get my stuff together.  So I signed up for a bunch of classes resulting in me being at the University every single day! Saturdays I work so my only free day is sunday. I'm not complaining! Just so that's clear,  I like going to class, makes me feel smurt! Ofcourse my blog is getting less attention, but I do try doing as much as I can whenever I can.  I still read all of your lovely blogs, I just don't have the time to comment on all of them :(  but I do comment whenever I get the time! so watch out for that! :)

I wanna thank everyone who has been patient with the posts, still showing love, support and comments.  It is very appreciated and noted down.  I know who you are and I am returning the favor ASAP! Thank you!

cables in the back are cool, you don't even know.....you don't even know!

In other news! While I was at work this saturday, I went up to some customers and asked if I could help them find something.  After having a brief chit chat about whatever they were wondering about, she (customer) said she recognized me from my blog and asked about it!  That was so awesome and cool! I had no idea what to say, it took me by surprise, I've never been recognized from my blog before. I was really happy that people actually read my blog but totally speechless as to how to carry on the conversation! I just hoplessly muttered "wow cool, thanks" with a stupid grin on my face. So to the awesome girl who came up to me, Thanks! You rule! you made my day! and I'm sorry for probably being lame and speechless! haha ;)

I also wanted to share this outfit while it's still semi-chilly outside. I took these pictures a few weeks ago and just never got around to posting them.  I'm finally wearing pleather leggins! Yay fat chick in pleather leggins, mini skirt and a short sweatshirt!  Put that in your pipe and smoke it, fat haters!

leggings: h&m, sweater: F21, booties:Zara, turntable ring & cherry earrings: 280 urban art, bacon ring:fat girl arts

over and out,


Cassykins said...

Good luck with your schedule. I only work 5 days a week and get exhausted thinking about it. Gotta admire people like you who can kick it into gear and do so much!
Very much liking your leggings and sweater. I have some black "liquid leggings" (just cheap thin things from Target) and do love them

MaMMaMoon said...

Cute outfit! You look sassy! ^^d
See, you`re famous already for getting recognised out there and everything. ^^ hih Fantastic!
Good luck with uni! b^^d

Hannah said...

Work it, girl!! Those are some fab leggings. I've always wanted to try the pleather look, but never jumped on the band wagon. Maybe it's not too late for me!

Take your time with blog commenting!! We're all in this together, and it's easy to take time to read blogs, but when it comes to commenting - it can be daunting to say the right things. Or maybe that's just me? Anyways, keep up with your school work and get good grades so you can come back to full time blogging. :D

Anonymous said...

Good luck with all that! Your outfit is super cool. I love the leggings. I don't know what I'd say if someone recognized me from the blog. I'd probably be shocked and then secretly hope that they bragged about meeting Mabel lol.

Mabel Time

Krista said...

I love these leggings I think we have the same pair. Glad to hear you are digging school, what are you studying? I love you in leopard and screw haters always!!!

Anonymous said...

You are rocking those leggings! Yeah semester has started... I totally understand you. I love my subject (social work and social pedagogy) and enjoy classes but it's just so... time-consuming :-)

Jessica Thomson said...

Very very cool that you got recognized from your blog! :)

Borjana said...

Raaawr!Looking gooood!;) Jeeej za prepoznavanje,celebrity si;)

Honeysuckelle said...

You look gorgeous, I've been dying to get my own pair of pleather leggings! I have great plans to pretend to be Sandy from Grease in my very own pair of pleather leggings. That is so great that you got recognized! Good luck with school and work, you busy lady.


WitchHazel said...

You're such a living doll ;) This outfit is super cute! That's awesome that someone recognized you.. I don't blame you for being speechless, I wouldn't know what to say either! Good luck staying on top of that crazy sched! xx

Bad Taste Toast said...

Aawww der Pulli, ich liebe ihn! Das perfekte Leomuster :) Du schaust wie immer hübsch aus!
Ich danke dir übrigens für den lieben Kommentar zu meinem letzten Post! Bin auch immer noch ein bißchen traurig, aber hatte in dne letzten Tagen Zeit nachzudenken und alles zu verarbeiten. Ich denke es ist für meine Oma besser so, sie ist jetzt irgendwo anders, wo es schöner ist als in diesem Krankenhausbett.

Habe übrigens auch bald wieder Uni und kann den Stress schon rufen hören, also verstehe ich dich. Uni und Arbeit haben immer Vorrang vor dem Internet ;)

Grüße aus Budapest und hab ein tolles Wochenende!

Laura Go said...

being busy is goood! :) But remember to have a breather every once in a while :)

Looking lovely as always, gorgeous gal!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
the shop of worldly delights

Aurelia (A Pretty Life) said...

Great post. , Stunning look , dear! GOOD LUCK with uni. http://aprettylife13.blogspot.com/

wait until the sunset said...

You look fabulous babe!
And goodluck with your hectic schedule! And don't worry we will still be here- we love you!! xx

mitch said...

Wow, that's amazing work and lots of school work all together goodluck, you can dot it!

Lovin' the outfit you look beautiful as always. I own a pleather too, not sure if its a great idea to wear it on a summer. How i wish its winter here. :)

The Canon Girl said...

No worries babe, just come by our little bloggiewogs when you can! Studying is more important, good luck! And of course you look awesome as usual, I love the leopard sweater and you look f*cking hot in that short skirt. Sometimes I wish I was a lesbian. :-(

Sally said...

Wow! I couldn't wear this but you look so gorgeous 3

Jenny said...

I love your pullover :-)