Friday, May 4, 2012


Should be an official adjective.  Why, you might ask? Well my last two weeks started offpretty lame, but eventually evolved into a great week.

I had forgotten about exams and had like 8 days to study for them, which of course turned into 3 days because let's face it, I am a professional procrastinator and that's just how I take care of business.  So did I pass?  You bet your aunt fanny I did! with a good grade too, so high five to that!

afterwards I spent 4 awesome days with the significant other doing awesome things which exceeded the badassery. We had to catch up on the good times lost between my procrastination and being burried in books.

We went to see The Avengers movie ... it was soooo much badassery! Just a great action movie with pretty sweet super heros. If you are looking for action that will make your pupils explode in amazement, you should go watch it.  Okay okay, maybe that's just the nerd inside me going off the radar on this, but I'm just was cool...

(don't mind the squinting, this isn't my sexy face, the sun was in my eyes, i hope...)
dress: tesco, shirt: threadless, leggins, cardi, bag: h&m, converse rings: sarah lisa schmucke, fat girl arts, h&m, earrings: bijou brigite

Thanks to everyone for sticking by me during my absence! You guys rule! I love you! Let's get married!



Misfits Vintage said...

I am DESPERATE for a wife - so I'f marry you in a flash! You look super duper cute, as always - love your shoes and bag especially - and yay for exams and drama and procrastination and happiness and badassery! I've missed you. Sarah xxx

Krista said...

Sup sweetie? Good for you and your killer grades! Ah I remember college and I'm so glad that's over with:) I love your adorable tee and you too of course, are those button ear rings? I think you are badass yourself!

Jessica Thomson said...

Ahh I completely forgot about the exams that you took! Congratulations!!!!

Borjana said...

Majica,majica,majica,...:) Slavimo kad dodjem;)

Jarette (juh-rette) said...

Your such a rebel... love it

MarySew said...

so pretty. i love your shirt! <3

Maxens M. Finch (ex: Pashupati) said...

The shirt and outfit colors are badass!

Cassykins said...

This totally makes me want to pull out my old Threadless shirts. I don't wear them much because they are a bit small now, but they would probably be ok for layering still.

Jen said...

cute outfit!!

J x

Honeysuckelle said...

Yay for kicking those exams asses. You look gorgeous as always, you are seriously rocking that lipstick color. I adore your t-shirt btw.


SRS said...

you look so fabulous! your hair is beautiful and i love your peter pan collar. <3 <3

sarah rose

MaMMaMoon said...

Oh my don`t you look gorgeous again! *__*<3
Looooove this outfit! Mixing pink and purple is
so adorable and looks fantastic on you! ^^<3
Glad you got to have some fun inbetween your biziness! ^^d Hugglies! MMxoxo

thrillermillerintheusa said...

You look soooo soft and cuddly AND STYLIN!

Marissa D said...

love your outfit!

Voilà! said...

Hi Anita! Happy to hear your lame week turned itself around! Let's hope it keeps it up! I'm loving the orange lips!


Ashley Clarke said...

congrats on your exam result. you look awesome and you seem fun, so of course I had no choice but to follow you.
Ashley x

weigh cool said...

i love it! -kenyon,