Friday, October 19, 2012

How to Find the Perfect Pair of Shoes - Ted Baker Edition

When it comes to buying shoes, we can’t have too many pairs, right? Well, sadly, owning a huge plethora of shoes is a luxurious privilege that isn’t an option for most of us mere mortals. As a result, it’s in our interest to buy shoes that will work with a multitude of outfits.
This may sound easier said than done, but it’s not as hard as you might think to find shoes that will offer longevity, comfort and incredible versatility.

If you can only just manage to prize your foot into a shoe and already feel the tweaks of a blister emerging when you go on a test walk around the shop, then they are most certainly not suitable. They may look great, but if you’re struggling to walk before you’ve left the store then these shoes won’t last long.
Perfect shoes are synonymous with comfort.  If your shoes are comfortable you will have no qualms about taking the dog for a walk in them. If they cushion your feet lovingly then you’ll be able to dance until dawn in them. Simply put, if your shoes cause no discomfort then you’ll be able to wear them on any occasion.

For shoes to be perfect they inevitably need to be stylish - after all, who wants to be seen in unfashionable footwear? This is where the likes of Ted Baker shoes step in, as not only does this popular designer label only produce super stylish shoes but, being made out of the highest quality of leather, they are also extremely comfortable too.

To purchase the perfect pair of shoes, the footwear needs to be of a certain quality otherwise run the risk of having to replace them frequently when they fall apart. Quality shoes need not cost the earth, so long as they are made of a decent material, preferably leather or suede, have been sewn together well and have a high quality sole that isn’t thin and flimsy, then they’ll be more than suitable for regular wear.
If you manage to find a pair of shoes that combine these three elements (comfort, style and quality) and are within your budget range then you’re onto a winner. Always shop from reputable retailers to ensure you get high standard products and remember to consider how often you’re likely to wear the shoes when weighing up their suitability. 

Ted Baker shoes

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Marissa D said...

loove the bow flats <3 <3

wait until the sunset said...

Those flats are too cute! I have huge shoe problems becuase of my wide feet :( and like you said, I often end up with blisters because I've bought shoes that aren't right for me. But god they look amazing lol

Ileana said...

Will definitely check them out! I have the biggest problems with shoes in Austria (Im a half size!)


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