Saturday, October 27, 2012

Las Flores

Hey Everyone.

Florals, are great.  I don't know how big floral print  is going to be next year, so I am just milking the trend for as long as I can throughout the fall season, and why not? amirite?  What better time to wear colors and flowers than in a season when the trees are shedding them and when the days are rather gray.

I'm always glad to see people wraped up in colors during the darker seasons when our moods maybe need some cheering up.  Clothing is a way of expression, we know that by now,  So be sure to wear it by the way you feel. You will always feel comfortable if you wear what you like and thus build confidence which then transforms into sass. Or well, whatever it is that you are going for :)  I don't think you can go wrong with anything as long as you feel confident in it.

So here I am again with my OASAP satchel bag, which I love and how can I not when it looks so good with every outfit!  The flat spike detail shoes are also from OASAP and were a gift to my sister from our friend Borjana, I love them so I borrow them from time to time..gotta love having blogger friends and a sister with the same shoe size.

scarf: Zara. pants and top: H&M. blazer: C&A. bag and shoes: OASAP/beeswonderland.  ring: Sarah-Lisa schmucke
Over and out,


  1. Gorgeous floral pants <3 I'm not sure why but I always tend to dress in a little less color once it gets colder. Not because I get more sad or something, it just kind of... happens. :-D Though I try to keep some color going with scarves and sweaters. Love the studded shoes too!

  2. Love those pants :D

    OH! Don' forget to check my Anna Dello Russo at H&M GIVEAWAY :).

  3. Oooh ! this mix of color is genius ! Thanks for those flowers it gives happiness in the cold weither !

  4. da passt einfach alles! super siehst du aus!

  5. Typically speaking I would go "No" at a pair of floral pants but you might have just changed my mind, granted you look like a babe in everything you wear so maybe it's just your babeness that makes everything look so fabulous. I've really got to start adding more color to my wardrobe, I'm trying little by little but I still can be found out in the wild ... in head to toe black. I really love those spiked shoes too, I've been searching for a great pair of spiked shoes for what feels like forevers.


  6. Don't worry about florals. I plan to single handedly make sure they are going nowhere ever ;P

  7. I love the shoes and the bag :) The whole outfit is beautiful :)
    Im not sure that I would look as smashing as you do in floral pants :)
    Lovely outfit

  8. You look beautiful in florals, you should just keep wearing them. who cares if they are in or out? I loooove the shoes too

  9. Super cute pants! I think floral prints into fall are fabulous! Love the look!


  10. I agree, I love colors on a cloudy day. I'm just obsessing over all your colors, you look so happy and free in them. Unfortunately for me, my sister wears a much smaller shoe/clothing size so I never get to borrow any of her awesome pieces. I am so jealous of you! haha

  11. It's never too late in the season to bring a pop of color & happiness to an outfit!
    I am so bad with keeping up with 'trends'. If you love something, just
    wear it all year round! hahaha And Happy late Birthday to you :)
    Here's to turning 24 :D

  12. Cool trousers, like a ray of sunshine during an autumn day :)
    Love the studded flats as well!

  13. Oh lordy the shoes the flowers I am in love with both! I would love to find some bright ass floral leggings, I'd wear the life outta em'!

  14. Boje,bojeeee!Ma nosimo sta nam se nosi,sta nas briga koje je doba;)

  15. pretty!

    xo Jennifer

  16. Looovvvee that red blazer! Layering is something that i truly miss when we used to live in China. I cannot do it anymore because it's way hotter here in my hometown. :(

  17. super cute pants, i love it :-)

  18. Those floral trousers are lush! I love it!

    J x