Thursday, November 1, 2012

Just the same....


I didn't do much for Halloween this year, it isn't huge in Austria so most people kind of forget about it.  There are plenty of Halloween parties around but I guess just not enough, although there was a immense line in front of the costume shop near my neighborhood.  Why so many people were waiting to buy extremely expensive last minute costumes is beyond me, but it was an interessting sight nonetheless.

I do miss the whole Halloween spirit from back home.  I didn't get a chance to dress up this year, it's ok though because some of our friends who live out of town came to stay over  and chill in our new apartment.  They aren't into the whole halloween thing either so it just kind of slipped by. We did however attempt to play Talisman - a role playing board game. I'm not entirely sure if that counts as a "costume" since I was, technically, accroding to the game a magician...but all nerdiness aside...

I did carve a Jack-O-Lantern with my brother in law I wasn't going to miss that! And my baby nephew didn't miss his opportunity to celebrate his first halloween either!  Look at that cute pumpkin! :)

Either way here is a very fall themed outfit just the same.  I am loving mustard yellows this time of year, it fits so well with the leaves turning and weather changing. It has that a certain cozyness to it.

satchel: OASAP sweater: C&A.  top,pants,apple ring: H&M.  ring: Sarah-Lisa Schmucke

I hope you all had a fun and ghoulsome halloween! Until next time friends!

Over and out,


  1. du bist immer wieder eine tolle inspiration :) toll siehst du aus!

  2. HOLY BALLS that kid is the cutest thing I have probably ever seen :-D Seriously, it's so cute it almost HURTS! Love your sweater, very halloween appropriate! Looks great with the teal skinnies too. I'm lucky that me and my sister are crazy about dressing up and have some crazy enough friends to dress up for Halloween because it's really nothing interesting here in Belgium either. There are a couple of parties around but meh, I'm not the randomly-go-to-a-party kind of person.

  3. Aww love your green pants! ^^d
    And how cuuuuute is your nephew *___* <3
    Darling little pumpkin! ^^
    Happy Halloween!

  4. Cool, ich hab mit der Hose grad auch ne Kombi mit Gelb und Polkadots gemacht, sehr lustiger Zufall! :-)

    Tolles Outfit!

  5. forever jelous of your hair. Love the jumper too and the baby is the cutest xxx

  6. Actual Halloween kind of passed by here, too. I stayed at home eating scrambled eggs and there was no trick or treating because we'd had a bad storm and it wasn't safe out. Ah well. Love your mustard sweater. I have similar colored pants and never thought to pair them with my mustard cardigan. Now I must!

  7. Nice colour combo in this outfit!

  8. Cute look! I love your mustard sweater and polka dot blouse!


  9. Aww, I jealous you got to have a little game night! I can't seem to find any friends that will play with (am I a loser or what? lol). I think the nerdiest game I love is Settlers of Catan. It's so fun though!

    You are looking spectacular in your jewel toned clothes. And your lil' nephew is just too cute for words! Babies in costumes just melt my heart. <3

  10. You are SO pretty and your outfit is mega cute! And omgosh your nephew - adorable!

  11. Aaaaah super cute baby! I kinda love kids in Halloween costumes, cutest ever. Halloween is not so big here either, we used to party every year but even that was lacking this year! I'm loving your yellow jumper, fab colour!

  12. I love the custard bright sweater and polkas on you, plus cute baby! Never had the time too play costumes and go to parties too this Halloween. We need to be in the country-side to visit hubby's old folks.


  13. Great outfit. I actually love this color combo! Would love it if you stopped by my blog. If you follow let me know and i'll follow back! xoxo