Saturday, November 17, 2012

A funny thing called life

Hi there!

Today is the beginning of the rest of your life.  (actually it's just saturday but you guys get the drift :D) Don't wait for tomorrow to do what you want, because time is definitely running out weither we notice or not.  Therefore you have to think....if you are unhappy about something then you have to change that something in your life, be that a small change or a radical change.   We don't gain anything by being afraid of reaching our goals, you have to remember that fear is the only thing holding you back, and fear should not be acknowledged when all it really does is hold you back from the real happyness you want to achieve. You are the only person who can break through these barriers and achieve your goals, nobody else can do that for you, and that is important to remember.

Find your strength and start working towards achieving your personal happyness because life isn't going to wait.

Today I am making one of those radical changes in my life, and I'm sure it's the right decision that will bring a whole lot of happyness along the way as well as new learning opportunities!  I'm excited about the new changes I made and I'm looking forward to new beginnings.

Shoes:Zara. Bag:Vintage Coach. Dress&tights:Primark. Cardigan:C&A. Bracelette:Cutey. Watch:Accessories.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. I am so overwhelmed by all of the votes I've recieved for the Navabi Blog Award 2012.  Thank you all so so much! The voting is still on so to those who haven't voted yet please help me get to a city I have dreamed of going to since I was a little girl. To Vote for Thick Threads (number 86 ) click on the image below! Thank you! :)

navabi Curvy Blog Award 2012

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Cassykins said...

Good luck on your new adventure! You certainly look awesome while doing it. I'm actually most drawn to the cardigan - I can never find that perfect combo of being 3/4 to full sleeve, not cropped but not super long, able to button/functional AND not be super frumpy. This one is perfect.

Thick Threads said...

Thanks! this one is actually much longer, i just tucked in and secured it with the belt on the outside....i have a hard time finding the perfect length too so i just kind of fold them the way i need it.

annikaherz said...

:) wiedermal ultra gut siehst du aus! habs schon bei facebook "geliked". die farbkombination is klasse!

Anonymous said...

you are such a gorgeous babe with that red lips, cute purse and custard tights. I love the outfit!

The Canon Girl said...

Preach, girl! It's not always easy to move beyond that whole "ooh what will x or y think of me when I do this" thinking pattern but if you handle yourself and your life the way you think other people will approve of... damn, that takes a lot of stress and time. Simply worrying about that shit hurts yo head. Wish you all the best with your new beginnings, you will do awesome because you're an awesome woman. Love the combination of the dress and tights together, those colors look great together. And those red hot lips, HOT DAYUM. :-D

Linda Famularcano said...

Cute outfit!
Love the colour mix! xx

P.S. Liked this post on Bloglovin ;)

Luna Tiger said...

I love your hair colors, it's beautiful ! And this wise pin up look is perfect, I love the collar !

Sarah Anne said...

oh my gosh so cute!

Sam said...

So true, we are the ones who have to be in control of our lives, let fears aside and chose what's best for us to keep moving forward!
You look very cute, love the dress and the rounded lace collar!

Jessica Kane said...

Anita i love this so much and so glad I found you through the Navabi contest.
Will be back much more and hope you come say hi as well. xoxo

GiddyUpGirlz said...

I voted for you! Love the yellow tights with this outfit...give it a bit of fun, funk and surprise! Hope you win!

MaMMaMoon said...

Good luck with everything you`ve planned!
Couldn`t agree more! If you want something changed,
just do it. ^^v Life doesn`t wait.
And I`m totally in love with your outfit. ^^v So cute
and love how the blue lights you up somehow. ^^d
Ps. voted for you. ^^d

Sacramento Amate said...

I was missing you, my beauty.
Love how your photos are bigger and your blog is maturing.
You are a hot friend, and I am voting for you this second.

Ileana said...

Love this girly girl look! The shade of the tights makes the outfit look really interesting and fun :D

p.s. Don't forget to check my Maison Martin Margiela with H&M GIVEAWAY ^^

xStroutx said...

Fantastic words! I hope your big change makes you incredibly happy! And of course you look gorgeous as always

Midnight and Dawn said...

Well said! Good luck with the new change in your life :)

I'm in love with that crochet collar detail. It's so lovely on you!

Tali N said...

אהבתי את הלוק והשיער שלך משגע!

Katta said...
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