Sunday, November 25, 2012

Let's do it!

Hey to all my rioters!

First of all I want to thank everyone who has voted for me in the Navabi Blog Award competition.  I can't believe how many of you amazing people voted for me, I got 558 awesome votes!  Even though I'm pretty sure most of it was a brigade of family members, so thanks mom for organizing that one! :P But in all honesty thank you for voting it means so much to me, even though I did not make it into the top ten I am very happy that I got to be part of it all.  Who knows I might just end up at the FFFW next year in feburary...shawww right!........but a gal can dream, amirite? :)

I am trying to organize a little giveaway as a small token of appreciation for everyone who has voted for me, so stay tuned for that.

In other news... 

Well, quite frankly it's the usual. I'm still working on fighting Fat phobia, fat talk and rocking the curves.  It's not easy and it's even tougher when some random douchebag on the street feels the need to remind me that I'm  overweight like I wouldn't have figured it out by now, but my low level of giving a fuck usually throws the haters off so let's keep working on that! High self-esteem and low tolerance for assholes without brains!  Let's do it ladies and gents!

clutch: DIY, watch: Ann Christine, ring:Bijiou Brigitte, pencil skirt:Primark, Top:Kik. belt:H&M, booties:Small boutique called rosa
Over and out,
Anita Riot


annikaherz said...

:) letzte woche warst du aber noch in den top10 oder? ich hab da eher abgeloosed :D aber ich bin auch echt erstaunt, wieviele votes ich dann doch zusammen bekommen habe!

der erste gedanke bei dem post: das shirt/top habe ich auuuch. :) du hast es toll kombiniert und der lila rock is hammer! ist der aktuell?

Cassykins said...

I've been having a rough (on myself) kind of weekend and seeing your gorgeous self is helping me feel better. So thank you for unintentionally helping! lol. That said, I love every last bit of this outfit, it's totally something I would wear head to toe.

Sorry you didn't make it to the end of the contest, but you really did a great job. I certainly voted for you and appreciate your posts, they have definitely inspired a few of my outfit choices!

Annebeth said...

overweight doesn't exist. Over WHAT weight exactly? PISH to that.

You are a babe. I don't think I've seen anyone rock blonde bangs like that since Ginger Spice <

Miss Temple said...

Heiss, heiss, heiss!
Whenever I see your hair, I want mine to look like them, because they look so awesome. ;)

Morgaine said...

so pretty, and the phrase "high self esteem and low tolerance for assholes" might have just made my day :) x

Linda Famularcano said...

Thank you for your comment!

You look so chic in this outfit!
Love the colour of that skirt.

I didn't realise Vienna was so anti-curvy?!
For someone to insult you for nothing is just pathetic on their part...
Stay strong and keep looking fabulous xx

Borjana said...

Bas si classy!;)

Natalie Mulford said...

Woo, congrats on all the votes.
People on the street suck! I think you look AMAZING! I love this outfit, that skirt is amazing.

poziomka said...

Great outfit! Love the skirt!

Honeysuckelle said...

I voted for you a few times, I was hoping you'd win! I can't believe anyone would approach you on the street and not say "you're a total babe!" I had a random little girl in a store call me fat a few years ago, it really bugged me to be honest and right after she said it my heart dropped because I felt really embarrassed, I wanted to run into a dressing room and cry. It feels especially odd to me considering that I was smaller at that time then I am now. I love the outfit and that lipstick is a gorgeous shade.


Anonymous said...

congratulations for having high votes! you look hot here, love the lace top being paired up sexy skirt. Lovely outfit!

Mitch :)

Luna Tiger said...

Yeaaah ! This is so sexy ! You're lovely !!!

The Canon Girl said...

Fuck them. Fuck them AND their opinions! Also, if I'd see you walking down the street I would just think "DAYUM GRL if I could become lesbian I would for those curves". Gosh, you're seriously hot. And of course I voted for you because you kick ass. That purple pencil skirt combined with the red lips and the lace top: NICE. I bet the boyfriend was very pleased with this look. :-D

Melissa said...

You look incredible - I love these colors together!

<3 Melissa

Katha Strophe // said...

Wieso finde ich deinen tollen Blog erst jetzt?!

Du siehst soo toll aus, wow! Ich liebe Lila, also hast du sowieso schon gewonnen. Wunderwunderschön, wirklich.

& jajajaja @ "High self-esteem and low tolerance for assholes without brains!" ♥

Krista said...

You gave it an honest try and I wish you would have won. I am loving you in purple, hotness! I'm sorry that asshole on the street said that to you, you look better than most skinny girls if you ask me. Keep your chin up sexy lady!

Maxens M. Finch said...

I love that lace top! And I like the purple skirt with gold zipper... I just like gold zippers and the color purple.
Now really I admire your confidence. A lot of the time I give a fuck when I hear someone prejudiced, or when it's about something else (say the choice of keeping my body hair) and I really don't give a fuck it seems I still act like I give a fuck, I guess, because I don't know how to do otherwise. If I answer questions, people may think I give a fuck? Because honestly I'm indifferent, but from their point-of-view I can't not give a fuck, so whatever I do is giving a fuck?
But really I admire your confidence. Somehow I'm scared if I seemed confident something bad would happen to me. Damn you made me so introspective :o
I don't even get which reasoning led him to come /tell/ you you're overweight. Like a lot of things, it would be interesting to know how they think. Maybe it's really out of spite and they think overweight is an insult, so if you're a bit like me you'll feel insulted that they think it should be an insult and link it to bad things (though in my case it's about other things, like mental illness, but you get the point.)
I guess good people counter-balance those.