Friday, September 20, 2013

Letters, the Future, and Myself


Here is a letter I would have liked to write to my teenage self, but since I can't, I thought I'd write it for other teenagers who might need to hear it and for myself to have for future notice, when times get tough. 


It is okay to be fat, you are not ruining the world by being a fat person. It is your body, your life and your health. It is important to remember that health and weight are two different things, no matter how hard society is trying to tell you otherwise. You have every right to be fat, and feel good about yourself, Just like every other person on this planet.  You should not feel ashamed of your existence, not even for a second. You shouldn't feel pressured to explain your size to people. Your body is yours, it enables you to do so many things, it has gotten you so far in life and it's fine the way it is. It's the reason the people around you who love you, love you, it's you, and the people who don't love you because of it, are better left out of your life anyway.  You have to stop living in the future where "your future skinny girl" lives, and start having fun with the body you have now. You won't be young forever and time flies by faster than you'd like. There isn't a "thin people only" VIP card for the adventures that are waiting for you in life, and you shouldn't let opportunities pass by because you are waiting to lose a few pounds first. You can do that and even more, with the body you have now. 

Haters are going to hate, but that's all they are, is haters, and you can't let negative people make decisions about your life and body for you. You are in control of your body and your mind, enabling you to do great things in life. Don't hold yourself  back, but push yourself forward, outside of your comfort zone, that's where the adventures begin.

I hope this helps others stay positive and find their strength.

Shoes: Zalando, Bowler hat: H&M, Bag: Oasap, leggings: H&M, Top: Truly by Part Two,  Necklace: Nakit Sa 

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Cassy G said...

That is good advice. And even though I'm far past my younger years, it is encouraging for me as I prepare for an appointment with a new doctor who I'm banking will blame anything wrong with me with my weight. Yes, some of it is, but I could go in with a paper cut and I feel like I get told that if I wasn't fat, the paper wouldn't cut me, lol.

Emma Henderson said...

Hear, hear Anita!

Thulisa Mkhencele said...

great letter and ofcoz awesome outfit :)

Anonymous said...

Anita, your letter is inspiring and truly a great source of advice to any plus size women battling over insecurities. Bravo to you on making such a stand.

On the side note, I love your outfit and that hat. So chic of you always!


Hannah said...

Very well spoken! I think teens & grown-ups can learn a little something from you. Thanks for posting your words! And you + your outfit are as pretty as always. :)

Sacramento Amate said...

I am so glad to see you again, my gorgeous. Looking glorious.
Do keep in touch.

Sara said...

What an amazing outfit, I love everything about it, especially the top, what an amazing color! Also you have a lovely smile!
Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

ChristelPaola said...

Great look for fall, love the shoes!

Honeysuckelle said...

This is such a great message and something I really wish I could also convey to my teenage self. When I look back on the size I was I don't even understand why I thought I was so fat, I wasn't thin but I did not need to be stressing out every 32 seconds about my size like I was. I definitely agree that people should learn to live in the moment and have fun, nothing lasts forever and life is fleeting so enjoy it while you still can.

Btw, I love your top and your purse annnddd those shoes. Anita, you are beautiful, inside and out.


wait until the sunset said...

I love this Anita. When I was younger there were things I would always say I would do 'when I got skinny'. I wish 13 year old me could read this. xxx

MateaTPol said...

I just wanted to say Hi! :) You have lovely blog!

Maxens M. Finch said...

IMO that's good advice for adults as well, and a comforting letter.
I love your outfit, especially the blouse and hat, and the last photo is great! Beautiful setting :)

shortylegsbeauty said...

I loved to read that sweetie. Im by no means a thin girl... I have always been plump and it may have gotten a bit overboard. I am healthy though. I have stopped thinking "If I only were skinny" I have instead accepted who I am. You are such a beautiful girl...inside and out :)
Love the outfit... the shoes and the bag are just amazing :)