Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Plum

Hey everyone!

I come to you on this late night filled with holiday spirit and angels singing and probably too much eggnog or glühwein or punsch or just plain old whiskey, whatever the equivalent of a holiday drink is where you're from, because, let's face it. The holidays are sometimes THE excuse to drink, along with other reasons like annoying relatives and other things like the fact that fish just tastes better with wine, it just does, don't argue with me just pass me the bottle. Right, what was I saying...alcohol, relatives, ah yes! the holidays!

Well, a little while ago, the wonderful people at Scarlett & Jo sent me a lovely little package with two lovely dresses inside. One was a sort of fairytale dress and the other was the ever famous powerfit dress, which we will talk about in the next post! I absolutely fell in love with both the dresses, so much so that one of them is my number one dress choice this holiday season.

It is playful, fancy, dreamy and gorgeous enough to impress that cousin of yours who always seems to one-up you with everything at every family event, well not this time. This dress will help distract your relatives from asking about your work and love life, concentrating their glance and attention on the dress and how good you look in it. Throw on a pair of sparkly heels to match the tree in the room and you're set! I love the collar detail on the front, and the strings on the sides allowing you to create your own wasteline, however loose or tight you want it. I absolutely love the color and the sheer sleeves and top layer of the dress, it really does look like something from a fairytale.

But don't take my word for it. Or actually, do, please, it's why I'm here at 12 am writing about it. What I'm saying is, you won't regret having a dress like this in your closet,  even if it's just for prancing around the house, feeling beautiful, sweet, juicy just like a plum :) which is one of my favorite fruits, and colors for that matter. However, I highly recommend it, or something like it for the holiday parties to come.

I want to thank Scarlett & Jo for sending me this wonderful dress, and giving me the perfect dress for the holidays! Please stay tuned for the Powerfit dress post coming soon! :)

Happy Holidays everyone!!


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Aurè said...

Great outfit...make shine your superb Silhouette,stunning hair style!